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Innovate UK Seeks Blockchain Pitches in £8 Million Startup Competition

UK Blockchain

A U.K. government agency is reaching out to blockchain startups in a competition that is focused on digital health solutions. In a notice from Innovate UK, a nondepartmental public office that is designed to promote innovation through grants and investments, it is offering up to £8 million for U.K. businesses to work on innovation projects… Read more »

Survey: 97% of Indian Traders Are Aware of Bitcoin, but Use Remains Low


A new survey has been released by India’s market and trade body that shows while 97 percent of Indian traders are aware of bitcoin, it’s use among them remains low. At a meeting called ‘Roundtable on Industry Perspective on Bitcoins: A New World of Payments and Deals,’ the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which overseas… Read more »

Russian Airline Uses the Ethereum Blockchain for Flight Tickets

Russian Airline S7 Ethereum

Russian airline S7 has revealed that it is now utilising the ethereum blockchain to sell flight tickets with backing from the country’s largest private bank. Reported in regional newspaper Kommersant, Russian airline PJSC Siberia Airlines, known as S7, and Alfa-Bank started using the blockchain to sell flight tickets on Monday 24th July. The report states that one of… Read more »

South Africa’s Central Bank to Start Testing Digital Currency Regulations

Digital Currencies

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has announced that it will begin testing regulations for digital currencies such as bitcoin. During the first seven months of 2017, the digital currency market has experienced huge gains with slight drops in between. At the beginning of the year bitcoin was valued at $1,000; however, its price has… Read more »

Ethereum Co-Founder Hoskinson Claims ICOs Are ‘a Ticking Time-Bomb’


The popularity of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has taken off to such an extent that ethereum’s co-founder has said that there is now ‘an over-tokenisation of things.’ Speaking in an interview Charles Hoskinson, who helped to create the ethereum network, said: “People say ICOs are great for ethereum because, look at the price, but it’s a… Read more »

Egyptian Central Bank Deputy Governor Rejects Bitcoin Adoption Rumour

The God: Amun Ra

The deputy governor of Egypt’s central bank has rejected claims that bitcoin adoption will take place at the country’s banks. In a statement posted on Arabian news site Amwal Al Ghad, Lobna Helal, the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) deputy governor, denied reports that the bank was permitting banks to handle bitcoin adoption. In a statement,… Read more »

Indian Government May Put Tax on Bitcoin Purchases

Bitcoin India

The Indian government is considering whether to introduce a goods-and-services tax on bitcoin purchases, according to local reports. According to The Hindu, the government is thinking about implementing a regulatory regime for digital currencies such as bitcoin which would enable a tax levy. At the moment in India digital currencies are neither legal or illegal; however,… Read more »

Bitcoin Acceptance is Rapidly Shrinking, According to Morgan Stanley

Bitcoin Acceptance

The value of bitcoin is up by 250 percent in 2017, but according to research conducted by Morgan Stanley, bitcoin acceptance has seen a decline among top merchants. For a digital currency that is working at becoming a mainstream currency that people use for their day-to-day purchases, could this be the beginning of the end… Read more »

Before the Trial in Japan: Mt Gox’ Former CEO Mark Karpelès Prepares

Mt Gox

The former CEO of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox is preparing to head to trial in Japan next week where he faces embezzlement charges relating to the disappearance of around 650,000 bitcoins. French-born Karpelès, who was released on bail last year from a Tokyo detention house on the condition that he didn’t leave Japan, is expected… Read more »

NotPetya Hackers Demand $258,000 Payment in Bitcoin to Decrypt Locked Files


The hackers behind the NotPetya ransomware have emerged again. This time they are demanding a one-off payment of 100 bitcoins to unlock victims’ files. On the 27th June, reports of a global cyberattack emerged that started in the Ukraine, crippling its computer systems. Infecting some of the world’s biggest organisations, the ransomware targeted 60 countries and around… Read more »