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Introduction to Horse Racing

Horse racing – the sport of kings. The concept of two or more equine beasts competing against each other to see who is the fastest has been around for thousands of years. The sport remains one of the most popular worldwide and there are major racing events that pay significant prize money and attract huge crowds every year. Betting goes hand in hand with horse racing, and without it, the sport would not exist. In the majority of countries where horse racing is established, some of the revenue generated from gambling funds the prize money, organization and regulation of the industry. Most of the major sportsbooks offer horse racing as part of their service, and increasingly the best bitcoin sportsbooks are adding racing to their list of sports.

So just where did horse racing begin? There is evidence of equine competition all the way back in Ancient Greek and Egyptian times, but in recent times thoroughbred racing has been dominant.  The thoroughbred industry and racing was developed in the UK throughout the 17th century and it is flourished from there, with all racehorses’ traceable back to one of three bloodlines. With a global economy, plenty of horses are now travelling the world to compete against the best in different countries. There are many things that make horse racing exciting, but one of the main factors is the chance to win large amounts of money in a quick amount of time. With so many horse races each day of the year, there are endless opportunities to try and find an edge and beat the bookie.

On this page, we are going to identify on how to bet on horse racing with bitcoin. We are also going to provide insight into the biggest events on the horse racing calendar, delve into the most popular bets struck on racing and finally reveal some strategies that can help you get ahead of the game when betting on horse racing using bitcoin.

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How to bet on Horse Racing with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking off at a phenomenal rate. The proliferation of bitcoin in society has spilled over into the sportsbook world, with an increasing number of bitcoin sportsbooks popping up online. With strong competition, sportsbooks can’t cut any corners if they want to be successful and so most are offering a horse racing product to their clientele. So just how do you bet on horse racing with bitcoin? Perhaps the question should be who should you bet with when looking to put down your hard earned on the gee geez?

Selecting the correct bitcoin sportsbook when placing bets on horse racing is important. There are a number of things to consider when identifying the best sportsbooks. Obviously, the integrity of the sportsbook is crucial, as there is no point if the horse racing odds are great and coverage is extensive if there is a chance the bettor may not get their winnings. The bonuses offered by sportsbooks should always be considered, as there could be a good opportunity to start a betting bank by taking advantage of a generous promotion.

Although bitcoin is the main type of cryptocurrency, it is not the only one. Many bitcoin sportsbooks will accept other types of cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, ZCash, GameCredits, Sibcoin, DigiByte, Funcoin and more.

All of the top sportsbooks offer live video for their top horse racing action to enable customers to see their bets as they run. Competitive odds are something that bettors should look for when choosing which is the best bitcoin sportsbook to use to place their horse racing odds. On the early markets, there can be a significant discrepancy between the competitiveness of odds between two sportsbooks – and if a bettor takes poor odds they will quickly lose their money.

When reviewing sportsbooks, we take into account all of the important factors that make a bitcoin sportsbook good when betting on horse racing. Our list of recommended bitcoin sportsbooks have scored highly in a range of areas, so check them out and take advantage of the promotions on offer:

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Biggest events in Horse Racing

There are so many prestigious and rich horse races around the world, but the best place to start is in the birthplace of modern racing, the United Kingdom. In the UK, there are two codes of horse racing that are prevalent, flat racing and National Hunt racing. Flat racing is as you would expect, horses racing on the flat, whereas National Hunt racing is where horses compete over obstacles (hurdles or fences). National Hunt races are run over longer distances than most flat contests.

The flat season in the UK runs from March-November, and there are several big races throughout the calendar, with the 1000 Guineas, 2000 Guineas, Derby, Oaks and St Ledger being the five ‘Classics’ on the schedule.  The jewel in the crown of the National Hunt season is the Cheltenham Festival, a four-day horse racing bonanza held in March each year, giving users of bitcoin sportsbooks the opportunity to make some seriously good money due to the offers the bookies put out to drum up business. The finale to the National Hunt calendar is the Grand National – an historic race which involves a huge field trying to stay the course of a four-and-a-half-mile trip at the famous Aintree racecourse.

Of course the UK does not hold the monopoly on all of the major races around the world. The premier race held in France is the Arc De Triomphe, a 12-furlong group one race that attracts runners from all around the globe. The USA have the Kentucky Derby but actually the richest contests occur during the Breeder’s Cup. Again a festival of top-class action, the Breeder’s Cup primarily pits the best American horses against their European counterparts, with millions of dollars prize money at stake.

Heading over to the other side of the world, and Asia is just as horse racing crazy as the rest of the globe. There are many big races and meetings, with the most prominent being the Japan Cup. Run at the stylish Tokyo course, the race attracts enormous crowd which top well over one hundred thousand each year.  With plenty of British influence, it comes as no surprise that horse racing features as a prominent sport in Australia. The Melbourne Cup is the race that ‘stops a nation’, and is a contest run over 2 miles. Again, there is plenty of interest from abroad, with many foreign runners taking their chance each renewal. You couldn’t blame them, with fantastic prize money and such history surrounding the race – it was first run all the way back in 1861.

Wherever the meeting, there is always a chance to bet on it with the top bitcoin sportsbooks.


Most popular bets on Horse Racing

With so many horse races being run every day, it gives individuals endless opportunities to strike wagers. Having so many different potential selections has led to sportsbooks being inventive in the types of bets they offer.

One of the most popular bets on horse racing, is the win single. This is placing money on a horse in the hope that it wins. If the horse comes anywhere else other than first position, then the bet is a loser. Another popular bet that involves just one selection is the each-way bet. This is effectively one bet divided into two, with half the stake placed on a win bet and the other half on a place bet. The win bet is self-explanatory, and the place part of the bet is essentially on the horse to finish in one of the first few positions (the number can vary, i.e. the horse has to finish 1st or 2nd in a 7 horse race, but in a 16 horse handicap, it could finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th and the bet would still be a winner). For the most part, professional and profitable bettors will strike win or each-way bets as they only need to be right on one race to profit.

When picking two horses to win, this is known as a double (or a parlay if you want to go American). There are also each-way double, which combine the two win parts of the bets and the two place parts.

There are many multiple bets that are popular with bettors. Sportsbooks market these well, and some of the most common include Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Super Yankee, Round Robin and more. Depending on the bet type, bettors have to select multiple horses (3 and up), and their bets are then broken down into singles, doubles, trebles, fourfolds etc. The advantage of these bet types is that if the player is lucky enough to get mostly winners, then they are in line to make some very good money. The downside is as soon as one leg of the bet loses, then it wipes out a large portion of the other bets


For the most part, horse races are measured and advertised in ‘furlongs’, an old imperial measurement. There are 8 furlongs in one mile and most flat races are contested over 12 furlongs or shorter. National Hunt races start at 16 furlongs and up.

Horse Racing betting strategy

When starting out betting and in particular betting on horse racing, it can be daunting. What is the best type of bet to place? How much should I put down? Should my stakes change depending on the odds available? Hopefully we can help guide you the right way.

A solid betting bank and staking strategy is essential to making a profit when it comes to horse racing. If an individual places too much of their bank on the selections and a bettor endures a losing run or some bad luck, then they can go broke quickly. This is true for all sports but is especially applicable when it comes to horse racing. Why? Because the odds vary so much. When betting on a football match, the odds usually range somewhere between 1.25 and 7.0, but for a horse racing they are regularly between 1.25 and 101. Obviously a 101 shot isn’t going to win very often, so to protect a betting bank, one popular strategy is to aim to win a certain amount on each selection. Using this principle, bettors will wager more money on the short priced favourites, than the outsiders.

A popular horse racing betting strategy used by many professional bettors and shrewd operators is the each-way single or each-way double in races the sportsbooks determines is bad for those types of bets. Picture the scene, there is one red-hot favourite in a race, a horse who has very good form, and the other eight runners are terrible and have no business being in the same contest as the market principles. Effectively it is a match with the red-hot favourite having an 80% chance of winning, with the second favourite having a 20% chance. Without taking into consideration bookmaker’s margins, the second favourite would be available at odds of 5.0. Now when giving each-away terms, the sportsbooks have to do it for the whole race – they can’t give terms for each runner. So despite being significantly better than the rest of the field, the sportsbooks have to give odds of 1.80 on the second favourite finishing second or third on the each-way portion of the bet. This is value, and when put in an each-way double with another second favourite with a similar profile, then the bettors has an advantage.

Some bettors like to place multiple bets each-day. Although these give good returns if the selections win, unless the individual has an edge on each horse, they are bad value, as the bookmaker adds their margins onto each horse, so when combining several horses, the bookmakers edge is multiplied. When starting out, it is best to stick to single bets and try and find a horse whose chance is greater than as represented by the odds.


Horse racing is interwoven into the sporting fabric of many countries around the globe. Although the betting rules and norms vary by the different jurisdictions, the aim is ultimately the same – to find the horse who can run the fastest over a set distance. There are great thrills and spills with horse racing, and the excitement is intense, with most contests over in less than two minutes. Big returns can be generated from small stakes. Why should you sign-up with our top horse racing specialist bitcoin sportsbook (enter name)?

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