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How Bitcoin Will Revolutionise Online Gambling [Infographic]


Why the Smart Money Is On a Bitcoin Gambling Revolution

A change is going to come to the world of gambling, and it’s already on its way. If you want the inside track on just how digital currency is going to affect the way you bet, then our infographic will give you the lowdown.

The world of gambling is used to game-changing moments, as seemingly unbeatable hands suddenly become bad beats in the split-second of showdown. It has already experienced its first digital revolution when the 15 isolated online gambling sites of 1996 became a global community of 8 million players in just five years[i].

The smart money says that the wheels are in spin again. It’s time for gamblers to cash in their chips and start mining their Bitcoins because cryptocurrency is about to make conventional money a spent force in gambling.

Bitcoin’s winning ways

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that is created and held electronically. It’s not minted, it’s mined. It’s also not issued by a central government or bank, but by lots of people running computers all over the globe. You can find out just how this decentralised, digital currency works below. And it really does work: Bitcoin has quickly established itself as a rival to traditional currencies, and a single coin overtook the price of an ounce of gold in November 2013.

What does all this mean for punters and pundits, casinos and croupiers, betters and bookies? Our layman’s guide will show you exactly how Bitcoin works, and why it is suited to the world of online gambling and more importantly for us, used for betting at Bitcoin Sportsbooks.

For instance:

  • There are no transaction fees or exchange rates so it’s perfect for affiliates
  • This also means that bets can be placed from anywhere in the world so it’s ideal for the globalised gambling community
  • It offers a greater reach and business advantage that makes it supremely attractive to casinos

The appetite for Bitcoin has already been proven, with sites such as Bitcoin.io generating $1.3m in just 3 months. Our infographic shows why this is just a taste of things to come. Bitcoin looks set to split the online gambling deck wide open, so place your bets because it looks like everyone could end up a winner this time.

[i] https://www.uleth.ca/dspace/bitstream/handle/10133/422/internet?sequence=1


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