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While we love to talk, we also love getting paid. If you would like to advertise with Bitcoin Sportsbooks, please send details to advertising[at] Please note we have strict editorial guidelines. All content on this website is published by our own in house writers. We will not publish reviews (good or bad) provided to us by third parties. Likewise, if you want your site reviewed, you better make sure it can stand up to close scrutiny. If your company has financial issues, customer complaints, games that are not provably fair or games that are unlicensed we will include that information in our reviews.

We pride ourselves on openness and honesty and our reviews reflect this. You cannot buy a positive review here. If that’s what you are looking for, we advise you look elsewhere.

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Affiliate Enquiries

We only work with legitimate companies with proven track records in the industry. If your company opened for business last week, come back to us in a year when you have a proven track record of paying players. Please do not spam our inbox with requests to promote your business. All the companies featured on this website are handpicked by our staff as they have an excellent reputation in the industry, pay on time and have active and easy to access support channels.

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BitcoinSportsbooks has a full team of in house staff. This includes writers, designers, coders, marketers, social media gurus and digital media specialists. We do not need the services of outside companies. We are sure your company is excellent at what it does, but we prefer to keep everything in house.

Likewise, we do not under any circumstances, buy, sell or trade links. Our website attracts natural visitors, shares and citations as a result of our quality content and honest reviews. If you need to purchase links we recommend you go elsewhere or even better change your current strategy to one that has a sustainable future.

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As previously noted, all our writers are currently in house. If you are passionate about Bitcoin and gambling and follow both industries closely then you may contact us with samples of your work. We do not allow guest posts nor sponsored posts. If you write for us, it will be a paid position. All content must pass by our editor’s desk prior to publishing and we have strict editorial controls on the allowed content. At the sole discretion of our editors, any citations, in content links or other promotional materials may be removed prior to publishing.

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We have open channels with all the top Bitcoin gambling sites. Should you encounter any issues with sites recommend on please send us details of your complaint to complaints[at] We will speak to the representatives of the site in question and act as an independent arbitrator in any disputes.

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For all other queries you can contact us via our general support email – help[at] Whether you want to tell a joke, share a meme or funny animal photo or provide feedback on any aspect of our website, our lines are open 24/7/. Feel free to get in touch.

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