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Blackjack is the single most popular casino table game. It is a natural fit with the latest online casinos accepting Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. You will find a wide range of Blackjack games and rules variations at Bitcoin casinos. These range from the latest fully featured games developed by big developers such as BetSoft, through to some bespoke games created by the BTC casino operators themselves featuring extra-low house edge.

This page takes you through all the different options for playing Bitcoin Blackjack. First of all the different games are covered. This starts with the standard rules, and covers many of the sub-games and variants you’ll find online. After that you will find information on how to get started with Bitcoin Blackjack, from setting up a wallet through to making your first deposit. At the end of the page, I have covered the main pros and cons of playing Blackjack with Bitcoin, compared with playing the Dollar or Euro games.

Different Bitcoin Blackjack Games Online

The main Blackjack game you will find at Bitcoin casinos is the standard US rules game. This involves a dealer ‘peek’ for blackjack before the players act – along with the offer of insurance. This version of Blackjack appears at all Bitcoin casinos, though the quality of the game-play does vary considerably. Some of the software makers supplying top quality games include BetSoft (who power many leading BTC casinos including BitCasino), and the new SoftSwiss, whose games you will find at the BetChain casino. Some casinos have developed their own games – the Bitoomba game is plain yet functional and the SatoshiBet game has a decidedly retro feel to it – though it does come with provably fair technology.

Multi-hand Blackjack is a common addition. This is the same game, with you playing up to 5 hands against a single dealer hand on each deal. You can also find ‘Mini-Blackjack’ at BetSoft casinos, which is optimized for mobile phones.

Some variations of this game are big enough to almost make the status of different games, while others just introduce subtle rule changes. An example of the latter type is Blackjack Surrender. This variant lets you give up a hand early in the deal for half of your bet. An interesting game variation is Face-Up 21 from BetSoft. Here the dealer’s cards are both showing from the start, so you often know the total you have to beat.

Many casinos now offer live dealer Bitcoin Blackjack. This is streamed in real time and hosted by an attractive croupier. The tables are 7-seater which slows things down compared with the virtual games. Stakes for the live dealer games are higher than in the Virtual versions, to reflect the bigger overhead of the dealer studio.

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Getting Started with Bitcoin Blackjack

Here is how to get started. Players who are already experienced with Bitcoin casinos can skip this section, which outlines how to get a wallet, register and deposit.

The first step to playing Blackjack for Bitcoin is to get a Bitcoin wallet and buy some coins. This is a simple process, which is now available though many providers around the world. CoinBase is still the biggest and best known provider. A virtual wallet is secure enough for smaller amounts, or you can download one onto your computer or use an Android app. You can buy the coins in a number of ways, including a bank transfer. These are broken down into units called mBTC (micro Bitcoins) which are equal 1/1000th of a bitcoin. Some casinos will let you play in mBTC, while others break down your deposit into their own coins or credits for playing purposes.

Next you should choose a Bitcoin casino and register for a player account. Only an e-mail address is needed at these casinos, with no further checks of your identity or backup documents required. Most casinos let you try out their games before you register.

You are now ready to deposit and start playing Blackjack. When you click ‘deposit’ at a Bitcoin casino, you’ll see a 33 character long string of letters and numbers. This is the receiver Id for your deposit. What you need to do next is enter your own wallet and send the coins to this id. This will be very fast, and you will normally be ready to play within a few minutes.

Now all you need to do is make sure you are playing a solid Blackjack strategy, and you’ll enjoy games which are not only provably fair, but have a very low house edge compared with regular casinos using fiat currency.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Blackjack

The main advantages to playing Blackjack for Bitcoin can be summarized as Anonymity, Speed and Fairness. The drawbacks include a smaller choice of casinos, and lack of side-bet action.

Anonymity is the key advantage of Bitcoin casinos. You can enjoy the chance of real returns from Blackjack games without anyone restricting your access to the casinos. No document checks are required, and only an e-mail address is needed at all in the registration process.

With no transaction costs involved, the casinos are able to offer Blackjack games with a lower house edge than you’ll find at dollar casinos. Instead of being hit with a 5% transaction fee for using your credit card, every coin that you deposit will be available to play with, and you can withdraw any time you like.

Game fairness is something that Bitcoin casinos take very seriously. Many casinos give you the server string for each deal. This can be used after each hand (along with a random number generated by your own computer) to verify that the outcome was random. Games with this feature are known as ‘provably fair’.

There are some drawbacks to playing Blackjack at BTC casinos. Many of the operators are not licensed, which means there is little recourse in the event of a serious dispute. There is also a smaller choice, and being small casinos the size of the bonus and promotional offers does not measure up to the big brands. On the whole these are minor issues. With the leading Bitcoin casinos fast gaining a solid reputation, there has never been a better time to enjoy the advantages of Bitcoin Blackjack.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper

Alan has been working in the gambling industry for over a decade and is a prolific writer on blockchain gambling. He uses his expert knowledge of cryptocurrencies, sports betting, and online casinos to bring you the highest quality crypto gambling guides out there. Alan Draper is a highly experienced and knowledgeable gaming expert, who has been involved in the gambling industry for over a decade. He has developed an extremely detailed comprehension of bitcoin gambling through his work as the Chief Editor of Business2Community.com, StockApps.com & InsideBitcoins.com. Alan's expertise extends beyond merely understanding the technical aspects of blockchain gambling, as he is also capable of making gambling strategies easily digestible and writing up honest brand reviews.

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