About Us

One thing I always wonder when I first visit a site is: Who the heck are these guys and why should I listen to them? If you’re smart that’s something you routinely ask yourself, too. After all, why would you read news, reviews and picks from random people you know nothing about?

But you’re on this page – you get it. So what you’re going to find below is more information about us. What we write about on this site, who our team members are, our privacy policy and terms for using our site. Let’s get started.

About Us? More Like About YOU

Let’s get one thing out of the way: This site is about you. What do you want? What do you need help with? Then we ask ourselves: How can we best deliver that?

So with that in mind, here’s what you’ll find on our site:

Reviews – They want unbiased information on bitcoin sportsbooks including what markets they offer odds for, what promotions they have and if they’re legit.

News – What’s happening in the world of sports? Who won the championship? Who got hurt? Who swapped teams?

Picks – Who and what we’re betting on for a specific game.

General Information – This includes details on how bitcoin works, how to use it to bet online, how to bet online, and more. Basically any information that will help a beginner get started.

We’re adding new stuff all the time, too. What’s more is that we write our pages without the bull-smack, pretentious techie talk that no one likes or understands.

Our Mission

Our mission here is simple: We want to create an honest resource that other bettors can turn to when they have a question about betting online with bitcoin. We won’t sell our reputation for ad dollars. We’re betters first – just like you. We would never join a site we thought would never pay us our winnings. So you can rest assured knowing that the only sportsbooks we recommend are top shelf.

Our Team

No sports betting website is complete without a bunch of miniature elves pumping out content, news and the like How do you think we get so much done? Joking… or are we? Seriously, though, here are the creative minds that make this website tick.

Harry P. – Harry focuses on reviews. He knows firsthand what it’s like to get scammed by a shoddy sportsbook and vows to get to the bottom of every book to deliver the 100% unbiased truth to you. You’ll know for certain which books rock, and which one sucks, by the time he’s done picking them apart.

Mike J. – Mikey J, as we call him here, is our tips and picks guy. He’s got several years experience betting for fun – and for profit. If you want some guidance for what to bet on, read the stuff he puts out.

Eric D. – Eric is our basketball and football guy. And since both sports overlap we hardly ever see him. He’s either in front of the TV or his computer – often both.

Sara M. – Sara covers our baseball and soccer news. Her favorite baseball team is the Yankees (minus A-Hole… err… A-Rod). She also prefers American soccer teams over Euro teams (for reasons beyond us).

John B. – John B is our hockey guy. He grew up playing in Canada until he got hurt in college. Now he spends his time watching hockey and writing about it.

Would you like to be apart of our team? Send us an email at: help[at]bitcoinsportsbooks.com

Privacy Policy

This section covers the information we collect and what we do with it. Sometimes we collect names and email addresses for our newsletter. We PROMISE we will never give, sell or rent your information to any one. We don’t like spam either, trust us. We do use tools and software that tracks our users while on OUR SITE. This information tells us how you got to our site, how you used it and how long you stayed. We use this information to improve our content and provide a better user experience. But those tools and software tell us nothing about you.

 Terms of Use

By using our site you agree to (and understand) the following terms and disclaimers:

==> Our site is for entertainment purposes only.

==> We’re not a casino or sportsbook – we do not take bets.

==> You use our site at your own risk. We are not responsible for any bets you make, and whether you win or lose.

==> Any site we link to that you visit is at your own risk. You should read the terms/conditions of whatever site you visit.

==> You should assume that we have a business relationship with any bookmaker on this site, and that we may be compensated for it. However, these are NOT recommendations. You need to do your own due diligence before signing up to any sportsbook.

==> Our website is available to bettors all over the world. It is your responsibility to know and follow the laws in your area.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, disclaimers or terms of service, you’re welcome to send us an email.