Bitcoin Roulette

by | 10 May 2018


Roulette is a mainstay of online casinos, and Bitcoin casinos are no exception. You can find a wide range of Roulette games at BTC casinos – ranging from the latest mobile-compatible titles through to live-dealer streamed games. What makes playing Roulette with Bitcoin different is the mix of anonymity and ‘provably fair’ games that you just will not find in a regular casino.

This guide takes you through all you need to know to start enjoying Bitcoin Roulette games online. I have started with a description of the different games and variations available. After that some of the common betting strategies used in Roulette games are covered. Finally the pros and cons of playing Bitcoin Roulette compared with playing for dollars, euros or other currencies are discussed.

Types of Bitcoin Roulette Game

With so many Roulette variations available I have organized the options below starting with the simplest games and working through to those with the most features and best graphics. If you are new to online Roulette, then the choice of wheels may be new to you. The rule of thumb is always to select the ‘European’ wheel over the ‘American’ version. The house edge is much lower for this game, since there is only a single zero, compared with the two zeroes on the US wheel.

The plainest Roulette I have ever seen online is at SatoshiBet Bitcoin casino. This game has a strip of numbers instead of a wheel, and looks like something from a 1980’s home computer. The odds are clearly displayed, and the server strings below the betting area do allow you to prove this game is fair. This is a strangely compelling game, despite the retro feel to the action.

Another simple game is the Bitoomba Bitcoin Roulette you will also find at casinos running on the PlayFor platform. This does have a wheel, though the graphics are very plain and the betting a little clunky, the only real positives for this game are the passable sound effects and the provably fair server information below the game.

SoftSwiss, a casino software specialist which powers the BetChain casino (among others), have done a much better job with their Roulette games. This provider offers French Roulette, which is like the European game – though with a 50% return on even money bets when the ball lands on zero. These are slick games with realistic wheels and worth checking out.

BetSoft and PlayTech are two big and well established software houses who power some of the biggest brand casinos around. BetSoft also makes their games available to Bitcoin casinos – and the PlayTech games can be played on an unlicensed site. BetSoft do this via the CoinGaming platform, which combines the games of several providers.

PlayTech are available via the BC-Casino, where you can enjoy a lot of the latest slot and table game titles from this global brand. Note that you’ll be doing so entirely at your own risk, since this software is not licensed or officially tied to PlayTech. Both have a choice of wheels, and offer state of the art animations and graphics. I recommend the Roulette Pro on the PlayTech platform – this has expert betting options as well as amazing graphics.

You will also find live dealer Roulette games at many Bitcoin casinos. These games are streamed live and hosted by attractive croupiers. The spins are fairly frequent, with 30 seconds being a standard wait. You bet ‘virtually’ and are paid out on wins automatically. You’ll also be able to make the games feel more social by chatting via a text box with the dealer and other players.

Bitcoin Roulette Betting Strategies

Roulette is popular with players employing betting systems, hoping to beat the house. The fact that casinos (live and online) welcome anyone to try the latest system should show you that these will not work over time. Stake-doubling systems including the famous ‘Martingale’ sequence have spawned 100’s of variations, many quite complex. While these can help to reduce the short-term variance in your results, they do not overcome the house edge in the long term. Simply comparing the measures taken to stop Blackjack players gaining a tiny edge by card-counting with the welcome casinos offer to Roulette systems bettors should tell you all you need to know.

A better strategy is to mix high and low coverage bets, enjoy the game and hope that you hit a good streak of wins now and again.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette

There are several big advantages to playing Roulette with Bitcoin, though for some players the opaque ownership structures of the casinos and limited choice of games do put them off.

Anonymous play is seen as a right by some players – and a positive addition by others. There are no document checks at Bitcoin casinos. Only an e-mail address is needed, and there is nothing to stop you using a free web-based address for this. Anonymity also covers geographical restrictions.

Speed of Bitcoin deposits, which do not have any transaction fees associated with them, are also considered a huge advantage. Withdrawals are normally processed immediately, though there can be weekly limits in place for big wins.

Finally, Bitcoin casinos are the only place you will find Roulette games which are provably fair. If you have ever wondered whether a casino is stacking the odds against you, then server strings will allow you to double check that you were not cheated.

On the downside, you’ll often be playing at an unlicensed casino with opaque ownership structures and only an e-mail address for their contact information. For many players this is a fair price to pay for anonymous gaming, for others (for example the BC-Casino with their unlicensed PlayTech games) it might be more of a concern.