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Snapcard and Alpha Payments Cloud In Bitcoin Payment Partnership


The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with an estimated 7 million either trading or using Bitcoins on a regular basis. A lot of the mainstream adaption comes from services and businesses accepting Bitcoins, but we still haven’t seen a small percentage of the world’s businesses integrate it yet.

With more companies integrating the Bitcoin as a payment method, people will have a cheaper alternative towards paying, as well as more secure. For the companies it is also beneficial, as they will save a fortune in transaction costs and the security in Bitcoins are a lot higher than in regular payment methods such as credit cards and bank wires.

Now we will see yet another boom of businesses accepting Bitcoins online and land-based as Snapcard (now Sendwyre) and Alpha Payments Cloud has signed a partnership agreement to power AlphaHub customers with Bitcoin acceptance.

Snapcard is one of the leading Bitcoin payment processing as well as Bitcoin wallet companies out there. Alpha Payments Cloud is a major payment processing company, with customers all across the globe.

The existing AlphaHub customers, as well as new, will be able to accept Bitcoins through a single, simple API integration on their websites. It litterally only takes a few clicks and their shop or service will be ready to accept Bitcoins.

“The AlphaHub API connects banks and merchants to more than 100 white-label solutions like gateways, alternative payments, ID verification, chargeback management– we’re excited to work with Snapcard to help our clients capture the added-value of accepting global alternative payments like Bitcoin,” commented Rónán Gallagher, Chief Product Officer at Alpha Payments Cloud.

Alpha Payments Cloud will furthermore refer interested customers to Snapcard, who will help educate the staff in Bitcoins, acceptance of them and everything else that one needs to know to accept the cryptocurrency.

“We pride ourselves in customer service and understand that with a new payment method like Bitcoin, it’s important to stay involved in the educational process,” noted Michael Dunworth, CEO of Snapcard, “Alpha is known for its innovative initiatives in the payment space– with this partnership, we’re looking forward to bringing a beautiful line of Bitcoin products to Alpha’s clients.”

The pricing should be quite attractive for many of AlphaHub’s customers, as there will be no setup costs or monthly fees. Instead, all businesses accepting Bitcoins will be paying 0.5% of each transaction made with Bitcoins, which will provide an average save of 3% compared to the regular methods.

Not only can the businesses who choses to accept Bitcoins through AlphaHub find new target markets and save money in fees, the Bitcoin also get more exposure to the general public which will attract more people towards using Bitcoins as their preferred payment method.

Hopefully we will see a wide range of different industries and shop integrate Bitcoin as a payment method, so that the mainstream adaption can reach new crowds. The more smaller businesses that integrates Bitcoins, the more the larger companies will consider doing so as well, creating a ripple effect that could only benefit the Bitcoin in the long run.