by | 25 March 2015

It’s not what you think. No, really – it’s not.

I say that because was anything but a scam. Especially if you compare them to the likes of or BetCas – both of which we covered here and agree 110% are shady operations (or used to be).

But not these guys.

Now, they were a wham, bam, thank you ma’am type of operation. Not intentionally, though, or in a bad way.

The owner, Paul, just underestimated how much work the site would become.

He started in January 2013. Their first post on was on January 13th, 2013.[1]

From the get-go players loved the site.

One reason was the max bets. offered one of the largest caps – 10 bitcoin. He says he liked that amount because, at that time, each coin was worth about $25. So a max bet was a nice and simple $250.

Another reason why players enjoyed the site was because customer would provide feedback and Paul would take it into consideration. Sometimes the changes were made instantly.

And the payouts were FAST! One player left a testimonial claiming that he received payment on a bet no longer than 4 hours after it ended.

(Bear in mind that Paul was pretty much working by himself.)

The testimonial went on to say that he liked the site because:

  • There were no ‘cash outs’ or withdrawal requests.
  • There wasn’t any processing periods.
  • They were 100% anonymous.
  • They provided a great experience for ML and MMA bets.
  • Payments were handled within 12 hours, and often times less than 6.

In addition to ML and MMA bets you could also bet on:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • UFC
  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Champions League
  • Formula 1 Racing

And you could bet on anything within seconds because you didn’t need to make an account or deposit before placing a bet.

What’s more is that Paul accepted players from all over the world (including Americans), and since they used HTML5 programming their site was mobile-friendly. You could play from most, if not all mobile phones and tablets.

Another player had this to say:

Well, regardless of everything that has taken over this thread, I was simply offering my own experience with, which was a trial run, and it went flawlessly. I will continue to post as I use them if I encounter any problems. The service is quick and easy.

The bottom line – this was a great sportsbook. That is, until they became a complete scam. [2]

Honestly, it would’ve been great to see them stick around. Paul put in 110% effort to the very end, unlike so many other sportsbooks that are knowingly going out of business – bitcoin or otherwise. Even with their smaller selection I bet players would’ve continued betting here.

And who’s to say Paul wouldn’t have expanded by now.

But, retire the site they did. Paul posted that he was closing the site on April 21st, 2013 due to how much work the site was to operate/maintain. He shut it down shortly after making this post:

It’s been a great experience and a lot of fun, but it’s also been a full-time job with no days off, so a small break from everything will be welcome. Also the sportsbook game is a lot more crowded than it used to be, and let’s face it, some of these new guys can offer more features than we do. I knew from the start that it won’t take too long for guys with more technical knowledge and more time to invest to come along, and I wish nothing but good luck for them. The sportsbooks offerings are now a lot stronger that what they used to be, and I’m glad to have been a part of that process.

Anyone that was a customer or reader of that thread would surely agree with me when I say that we need more sportsbooks, and more importantly more sportsbook owners, like this one.

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