Monthly Archives: June 2015

ShapeShift Leaves New York After New Bitlicense

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A few weeks back, we reported that New York had finally released their long awaited Bitlicense, which included 40 pages of rules and regulations that companies wishing to work with Bitcoins in New York had to comply with, besides purchasing a license for a fee of $5,000.  At the time there was a general positivity… Read more »

Coinzone Launches Bitcoin Merchant Services In Poland

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The road to mainstream adaption of the Bitcoin seems closer than ever, with Bitcoins becoming increasingly popular around the world to own, accept and use. In the US and India, the cryptocurrency is being used a lot as a payment method in start-ups and in Europe there’s many places accepting it to save money in… Read more »

You Can Now Margin Trade Bitcoins At Kraken

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The Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of mainstream ground in the past years time, with many big companies embracing the cryptocurrency, as well as Bitcoin ATM’s popping up all over the world in large numbers. The Bitcoin has always been a commodity that you would have to buy or mine to obtain, which has… Read more »

New York’s Bitlicense Rules Officially Released

New York’s Bitlicense

New York has been looking into regulating the usage of Bitcoins for companies for a long time and while rumours have been circulating in regards to what exactly the Bitlicense rules would include, nothing has been made official – Until today that is. Because today the official rules for the Bitlicense were released, which means… Read more »