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BetVIP Poker

BetVIP became a Bitcoin house-hold name back in June of 2014, when they became the first licensed Bitcoin bookmaker, licensed in Curaçao under its laws and gambling regulations. Now the company has decided to branch out from their sportsbook and casino game offerings and offer their own independent poker room. The poker room has been …

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Spike in Bitcoin Value Despite Dark Net Raid

Dark Net Raid

A recent crackdown by leading authorities has led to the arrest of multiple individuals and the shutting down of several leading websites, yet the online currency Bitcoin has enjoyed an upturn in fortunes. The dark net, also referred to as the deep web or invisible web, is a section of the internet not accessible by …

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Why the Smart Money Is On a Bitcoin Gambling Revolution A change is going to come to the world of gambling, and it’s already on its way. If you want the inside track on just how digital currency is going to affect the way you bet, then our infographic will give you the lowdown. The …

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Bitcoin High Yield Investment Schemes

Investment Schemes

Warning! High Yield Bitcoin Investment Programs are Clearly Scams High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are nothing new. Schemes which promise fast returns on your investments have been around since the 16th century. These days, scammers are using Bitcoin as a medium for running these scams – and many people are still falling for them. This …

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5Dimes Adds Bitcoin

5Dimes Casino Logo

Make Deposits & Withdrawals at 5Dimes Using Bitcoin Are you tired of credit card declines? What about waiting weeks for a check to cash – how do you feel about that? You hate it. We all do. Well, I have good news for you. If you’re a 5Dimes customer those sorts of headaches can be …

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How Safe is Gambling with Bitcoin

Bank Vault

A question that is often asked when it comes to gambling with Bitcoin is how safe it is. Because of the massive amount of personal information most online casinos want about their players (like copies of ID’s, utility bills and other things), a lot of people feel a bit uncomfortable with getting involved. After all, …

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Because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, scams can be hard to detect. There is no way of knowing who is running a certain site, unless the management publicly displays that information. Through the past, there have been some sportsbooks that have proven to be fronts to scams, or have gone under for other problems …

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Bitcoin Live Bets Goes Rogue


BitcoinLiveBets.com has gone rogue. After offering some of the best bets in BTC live betting markets and an impressive website and interface, Bitcoin Live Bets has disappeared and taken bettors’ bitcoins with them. On July 12th, 2014 the site and betting interface was pulled offline, and the BitcoinLiveBets.com domain was a nearly blank white page. …

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