Coingaming To Launch Sportsbetting Platform

The Bitcoin gaming industry is moving forward at full speed these days, with more and more operators opening up their doors and attracting new clientel to the thrilling world. The traffic and revenues increases year-by-year and all the larger sites has experienced an increase in revenues.

One of the current obstacles in the Bitcoin gaming industry however, is that most sites that are currently online are very specialized in one specific type of gambling, rather than diversifying. Initially we saw this with the Bitcoin dice sites that only offered dice games, then Bitcoin poker sites just offering one or two types of poker and so on.

In order to be able to move more traffic away from the fiat-currency gaming industry, operators in the Bitcoin gaming industry needs to be able to diversify and integrate products that players wants to play, to get them to continue playing in their site at all times.

It is very common for the major sportsbetting sites to both offer poker, casino, live casino, bingo, sports betting and even financial trading similar to binary options. Finding sites in the Bitcoin industry that offers more than one or two of these products is rare and those that are there currently may not have the experience needed to really take it to the next level.

This is about to change however, as one of the leading Bitcoin gaming platform providers Coingaming will be launching their Bitcoin-only sportsbetting platform on August 8th, right when the Premier League starts.

This means that Coingaming can now offer at least the full standard suite of products for their operators, which includes poker, casino and live casino as well as sportsbetting. Integrating these products will make it easier to attract new clients and convert fiat-money players to Bitcoins if the advertising is done correctly.

The betting platform has been designed by Coingaming to maximize the revenues and profit streams for the operators integrating it. It has also been created with Bitcoin in mind, ensuring that it seems natural for Bitcoin users to use.

Mark McGuinness, Communications Director of Coingaming, said: “The underlying bitcoin sportsbook technology shall offer significant advantages over traditional fiat currency based fixed-odds platforms. We have over 10,000 live betting markets on offer per week, including fast developing betting sports such as MMA and eSports.  Benefits for the player include the ability to place larger bets on events on any device with better odds, instant deposits and cash-outs. These features will appeal to young smart, mobile focused sports bettors that demand instant gratification.”

The sports betting market is currently seeing a lot of investments from Bitcoin operators, as it is one of the biggest revenue streams in the iGaming industry. There are million of bettors betting on a daily basis and many are not happy with the restrictions that traditional bookies put on them, which would make the Bitcoin sportsbetting product very attractive to them.

Coingaming did not announce if any of their current partners will be integrating the sportsbetting platform.

Betkurus Bitcoin Gaming Site Receives $670,000 in Investments

The Bitcoin gaming industry has been growing rapidly the past years, with more and more new sites popping up, as well as established sites integrating the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Furthermore it is expected that the Bitcoin gambling industry will grow even more in the next few years, which makes it interesting for investors looking towards the gambling industry.

While the Bitcoin gambling industry started out with some small sites started by people with little to no experience in the field, it is now seeing a takeover from experienced gambling industry people. These people are looking to take the Bitcoin gambling industry to the next level and make it as popular as the fiat-money industry currently is.

One of the sites who are looking to benefit from the popularity of the Bitcoin is the Turkish Bitcoin gambling site, who serves customers from around the world, but started out in Turkey.

The site was launched back in October of 2014 and went in a direction that we see more and more sites do, obtaining a gaming license to offer regulated and safe games. They hold their license in Curacao, who regulates all financials, games and everything else to ensure the safety of the players and the games at all times.

Betkurus is looking to take over a substantial part of the Bitcoin gambling industry and has just received $670,000 in investments to make that happen. The investment came from Hong Kong-based payments provider company CoinMatrix, who are looking to help Betkurus develop their product line to gain market shares.

Besides the massive investment in Betkurus, CoinMatrix also integrated cutting-edge payment systems into their platform. It is now possible for customers to have instant Bitcoin-to-fiat deposits done on their accounts, without having to wait hours for the site to find the correct exchange rate.

This provides players with the possibility to turn their Bitcoins into fiat-money instantly at market rate and gamble anonymously on the site, through the currency of their choice which includes USD, Euro and many more.

There’s no need for any banking accounts, to verify their identity or similar hassles before starting to play. It also provides the stability in value that the fiat currency provides along with the security of the Bitcoin as every transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

The Bitcoin gambling industry is currently being valued at around $320 million annually, but the numbers are increasing every year, with the fiat-money gambling industry also integrating Bitcoins as a payment method in a rapid paste.

While this does provide a great way to gamble without having to care about the volatility of the Bitcoin, it is not going to replace Bitcoin-only gambling. Many people prefer to just deposit their Bitcoins, play and then cash out, without having to think about the fiat-value of their coins.

There are many good sites that you can bet with Bitcoins on, which you can find in our review section.