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Japan’s FSA Regulator to Monitor Bitcoin Exchanges from October

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Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) is to begin monitoring Japanese bitcoin exchanges from October. According to the Japan Times, the move is to ensure that digital currency exchanges have the correct internal systems, such as protecting customer assets, in place. If not, on-site inspections will be carried out. In April, a revised payment services law… Read more »

Egyptian Central Bank Deputy Governor Rejects Bitcoin Adoption Rumour

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The deputy governor of Egypt’s central bank has rejected claims that bitcoin adoption will take place at the country’s banks. In a statement posted on Arabian news site Amwal Al Ghad, Lobna Helal, the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) deputy governor, denied reports that the bank was permitting banks to handle bitcoin adoption. In a statement,… Read more »

Before the Trial in Japan: Mt Gox’ Former CEO Mark Karpelès Prepares

Mt Gox

The former CEO of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox is preparing to head to trial in Japan next week where he faces embezzlement charges relating to the disappearance of around 650,000 bitcoins. French-born Karpelès, who was released on bail last year from a Tokyo detention house on the condition that he didn’t leave Japan, is expected… Read more »

Is the PBoC’s Regulation Crackdown Cooling Bitcoin Fever in China?

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A surge of interest in bitcoin has seen its price reach new heights, yet the excitement of the digital currency market in China has been watered down due to the nations government who wants to control bitcoin. According to a salesperson at Huobi, one of the ‘Big Three’ digital currency exchanges in China, the platform is… Read more »

Customers Can Now File Claims For Lost Bitcoins Against Mt. Gox

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The Bitcoin and its industries is currently growing like ever before. We see more and more gambling sites opening up their doors to accepting the cryptocurrency, we see more and more mainstream adaption and we see more vendors, charities and online businesses accepting it. But we don’t have to go more than a little over… Read more »