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Alan Draper

GG.Bet Esportsbook Review

GG.bet highlights the thrill of eSports with fun of betting on matches for real money! Launched in 2016, GG.bet has quickly risen the ranks as one of the best eSports betting sites in the industry today and this review will be a testament to that.

About Gg.Bet

GG.bet launched its eSports betting platform in 2016. Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, the company was actually founded by former eSports players that were looking to finally deliver a quality product to not just the fans but also people looking to bet big money on the ever-growing business of eSports competitions. What was once a small-time operation that only existed with competitions being held a few times a year has boomed into a GLOBAL phenomenon where gamers from all countries compete for millions of dollars every year.

Similar to the online poker boom that started in 2001 and lasted for a little under a decade, there is literally no ceiling that seems to exist for eSports matches. The players and/or their respective teams are serious rock stars in a space that was once was deemed for just “gamer nerds” and lazy teenagers. Sportsbooks have caught on to this and have opened up a little space for eSports matches to be bet on by their customers.

GG.bet takes it a bit further than just your “standard” bookmaker. They ONLY cater to eSports and that’s what separate them from traditional online bookies because they live and breathe gaming. You won’t find a larger selection of games, individual matches and team competitions to bet on from all over the globe than at GG.bet. Besides having restrictions in place for players from the USA and the UK, this site takes customers from almost every location on the planet. They also provide a multitude of deposit options to fund your account, including Bitcoin, which is one of their most popular methods besides credit cards, Skrill and Neteller.

Bonuses and Promos at Gg.Bet

Unfortunately, there won’t be a lot to cover in this particular section of our review because at present moment the GG.bet deposit bonus is $0. You might notice other eSports informational sites offering $5 free bets or $100 bonuses, but as recently as May 23rd, 2017, I have confirmed with Live Chat firsthand that GG.bet does NOT have any free bets or deposit bonuses at this time.

This should not discourage you from signing up for an account and depositing as GG.bet is one of the best options in the business if you’re looking to bet legitimate eSports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aside from their normal bets, they also have a ton of matches where you can throw live bets down on while they’re in progress! Also, just because they don’t have a deposit bonus now doesn’t mean they won’t have something down the road. They are a relatively young site and I was told by Live Chat that they do periodically offer bonuses via email throughout the year.

There are also no promotions being run by GG.bet either, but that is always subject to change and you should always make sure their emails aren’t going to spam because there are sure to be huge competitions that they’re going to want you to be paying attention to and will most likely offer some cool incentives to deposit and bet on them.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper

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