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Lunar Bets Sports Review

Lunar Bets is an attractive – yet simple – site that is incredibly simple to use. Though still a young sportsbook compared to other industry leaders (they launched in 2016), the amount of sports markets they offer are one of the largest in the business today.

They offer a wide variety of odds on different kind of sports going from Football to Major League Baseball.

Bonuses and Promotions

At this point, Lunar Bets does not offer any sort of deposit bonuses or other promotions for those who have just created an account. What’s more, there is no sort of loyalty program that sees players be rewarded for how often they play. This really takes the luster out of signing up for an account here as you’re not even rewarded for depositing your hard-earned cash.

The only item that can be interpreted as a “bonus” is their referral program. The program is quite simple; refer a friend and you will receive .04% commission from the bets they place. The commission will be automatically added to your bankroll and will be yours to use as you wish. So, the more players you get to sign up and play at Lunar Bets, the larger your bankroll will inevitably be.

In terms of the lack of bonus at Lunar Bets, this is not atypical of a Bitcoin sportsbook. Most similar sites also neglect to offer bonuses, and this has to do with how a bitcoin sportsbook functions relative to traditional sportsbooks. There is hope that this will change in the future, but for now it should not come as any major surprise when a Bitcoin sportsbook is devoid of a welcome bonus or loyalty scheme like Lunar Bets currently employs.

If it’s any consolation to potential customers, what they lack in 1st time deposit bonuses they more than make up for in terms of the insane (and I use this word lightly) amount of both regular and obscure sports markets listed on their website. You can literally bet on major sporting events to events such as beach volleyball, chess, Crossfit events and even drone racing!

Depositing at Lunarbets.Eu

As the name bitcoin sportsbook implies, it should go without saying that the only method of banking accepted at Lunar Bets is bitcoin. For deposits, the transaction will occur immediately and requires only one confirmation. In almost all cases, the deposited money is available within a minute of the transaction being executed.

In terms of withdrawing funds, things are instantaneous there as well. Withdrawn funds will hit your chosen BTC wallet in a matter of seconds. For extremely large cashouts, some sort of manual authentication or approval may be required. All in all, getting money into and out of your account at Lunar Bets is one of the easiest things about the site besides its betting interface.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper

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