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Predictious Sportsbook Review allows for a unique bitcoin betting experience by allowing customers to lay wagers (ie bets on future predicted events) on certain prediction markets and events. They keep it simple and to the point with their site layout and the types of events you can place bitcoin bets on.

About Sportsbook

Predictious is a sportsbook that looks and functions unlike any you have ever used before. Apart from the fact that it is not strictly limited to sporting events, the way in which you wager is entirely different from traditional sports betting sites. Rather than an oddsmaker setting lines and the associated odds, Predictious allows you to choose what you are betting on as well as what wagers you are able to place. Having been founded in 2013, Predictious was on the leading edge of the Bitcoin revolution that swept the web.

For those who might not be aware, Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency that is truly changing the way in which people do business. Predictious, at the moment, only transacts in Bitcoin, so be sure to read up on the function and benefits of this cryptocurrency before jumping on board at Predictious.

The site itself is straightforward and laid out simply enough that anyone can navigate around and figure out how to pick and choose an event to bet on – but it gets a little trickier as you determine how to go about buying and selling shares of these events. We go on to explain a little better below on how this particular predictions betting website works.

Predictious Further Explained…

Because Predictious is not like any other sportsbook you have encountered, it is important that we first talk about how it functions. Rather than wagering, exactly, you are putting stake in the likelihood that an event will or will not happen. You simply buy stake in one side or the other, and wait it out. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, where you are locked into a wager once it is placed, Predictious allows you to short sell a position you think you might have errantly taken.

For example, in a basketball game featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, you might think the Warriors will be the victors, and will buy stake in that outcome. If, shortly thereafter, you discover a factor that might cause you to change your mind, you can short sell your position. Should you be right, and your original prediction not happen, your short-sell will be rewarded.

As you might expect, the cost to buy a position on a prediction coincides with how the public envision the event panning out. In other words, buying into heavily favored predictions will earn you smaller stake (potential winnings) than if you bought into a prediction that was not favored much at all.

Design and Layout

The creators of didn’t exactly go “all out” in terms of design with this particular site. However, like most of its predictions markets competitors, they do keep it simple and clean. The site is very simple to navigate around and you can browse particular events and other popular betting trends without having to scroll up and down a whole lot.

There’s nothing that stands out as particularly striking about the layout overall, as the colors are bland but keeps everything easy on the eyes. The dev team did enable two-factor authentication, which comes in handy if you’re looking to make sure your account is always secure. You’ll also notice the “https://” protocol that is put in place within the URL, which ensures that the site is 100% safe at all times.

Bonuses and Promotions at

When you think of Predictious, you really need to think of it as a stock exchange more than anything else. Rather than a sportsbook, where you are basically pitting yourself against the house’s oddsmaker, Predictious pits you against others just like you. Rather than supplying a real, tangible sportsbook service, Predictious is more of a middleman that facilitates bets.

To make what can be a very long story quite short, the site DOES NOT offer any promotions. This is something we do not expect to change anytime soon. Most sites in this niche are not accustomed to offering new customers any type of added incentive to join up and register an account. The trend will not be bucked from the people at Predictious, however, they would most likely email you updates if this changes down the road.

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Pros and cons


  • Simple and straightforward betting platform.
  • Lots of fun and unique events to bet on.
  • No fees on trades, sales, deposits & withdrawals.
  • Make predictions on virtually anything.
  • High betting limits.


  • No deposit bonuses whatsoever.
  • No live chat or phone support.

Sports Markets Offered by Predictious

The glory of Predictious is that you are, quite literally, able to wager on anything. Though there is a very heavy emphasis on sports, you are able to wager on so much more than sports alone. Anything from economics, to politics, to entertainment will see predictions listed.

When you think of how Predictious is set up, you really need to disassociate your thinking from traditional sportsbooks. Rather than a line with 2 teams and a number of propositions, there will be only propositions. Because you are making predictions, most betting options will be presented as a sentence explaining a potential future event or outcome. If you choose to buy that prediction, you stand to win Bitcoin if and when that prediction comes to fruition.

What Predictious really becomes is nothing but a bunch of futures wagers. Rather than betting on the outcome of a single, isolated game or match that is happening today or tomorrow, you are often wagering on predictions that may take years before a result is realized. Of course, this is not true of every predication on Predictious, but it is true of many.

Rugby league
Rugby union
More sports

Mobile Capability

Predictious is great because it is available to you anywhere and at any time. No matter whether you are making use of a smartphone or tablet, the prediction markets will be at your fingertips. What’s more, the mobile version of Predictious does not work on any single platform. Rather, it will function flawlessly on Apple products, Android products, and just about anything else that has internet access.

Something worth noting is that Predictious functions within your device’s web browser. There is no application that requires installation. Simply navigate to the web address and begin making predictions. Something we did really enjoy was the fact that the mobile site was almost exactly identical to the traditional desktop version.















Why players love Predictious

  • Offers a unique bitcoin betting experience.
  • Safe and secured online betting site.
  • Fast and easy to use mobile website.
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As far as account security is concerned, Predictious utilizes two-factor authentication for every account. What this means is that in addition to a username and password, the user is asked to provide an additional piece of information that only the user will know. In addition to this, Predictious’ use of Bitcoin means that each and every transaction will be fully secured.

In order to create an account at Predictious, all you need is a Google account. The account creation process is something that takes only a few minutes and requires minimal information on the part of the user. A simple verification is needed and, before you know it, you’ll be able to link that account to your Predictious user name and access it just as easily as your Gmail, for example.

The fact that Predictious requires you to have a Google account is a bit unusual, as it’s probably the only site I’ve come across that doesn’t just let you use whatever email address you want. I suppose if you’re one of those bettors that values convenience, this isn’t any different than linking your email to social media account or even online retailer logins.

Banking Options Offered by Predictious

At the present moment in time, the only way by which you are able to deposit or withdraw is through Bitcoin. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, you will be happy to know that transactions occur instantaneously and are completely anonymous. In other words, your personal information will be completely protected along every step of the deposit and withdrawal processes.

Unlike some other bitcoin betting sites, does not allow customers to deposit using any other type of cryptocurrency besides BTC itself. This could change down the road, but if you’re looking to deposit Ethereum or Litecoin, for example, then you’re out of luck for the time being.

Withdrawals are handled just as quickly as deposits here at the site. Once you’re ready to submit a cashout request, it’ll ask for the BTC wallet address you want your money to be sent to and your funds will normally be available same day. Security may review larger withdrawals, which usually results in a little bit longer wait time.

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Customer support

Phone: Yes
Chat: Yes


I think that if you’re someone that knows how predictions market betting operates, a site like is somewhere you want to be laying down your action at. However, given that I’m more of a traditional sports bettor, the lack of normal odds and a variety of betting options and markets is a bit disappointing for me.

The site functions great and looks solid on my mobile device, which is always a plus when I’m looking to make a bet on the go. The company delivers in terms of really unique and fun events to wager bitcoin on, and as far as predictions markets betting platforms, this is one of the simplest you’ll find anywhere.

They don’t offer a first-time deposit bonus so that’s a little off-putting, but overall it’s a good site that has a lot going for it.

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