Coingaming To Launch Sportsbetting Platform

The Bitcoin gaming industry is moving forward at full speed these days, with more and more operators opening up their doors and attracting new clientel to the thrilling world. The traffic and revenues increases year-by-year and all the larger sites has experienced an increase in revenues.

One of the current obstacles in the Bitcoin gaming industry however, is that most sites that are currently online are very specialized in one specific type of gambling, rather than diversifying. Initially we saw this with the Bitcoin dice sites that only offered dice games, then Bitcoin poker sites just offering one or two types of poker and so on.

In order to be able to move more traffic away from the fiat-currency gaming industry, operators in the Bitcoin gaming industry needs to be able to diversify and integrate products that players wants to play, to get them to continue playing in their site at all times.

It is very common for the major sportsbetting sites to both offer poker, casino, live casino, bingo, sports betting and even financial trading similar to binary options. Finding sites in the Bitcoin industry that offers more than one or two of these products is rare and those that are there currently may not have the experience needed to really take it to the next level.

This is about to change however, as one of the leading Bitcoin gaming platform providers Coingaming will be launching their Bitcoin-only sportsbetting platform on August 8th, right when the Premier League starts.

This means that Coingaming can now offer at least the full standard suite of products for their operators, which includes poker, casino and live casino as well as sportsbetting. Integrating these products will make it easier to attract new clients and convert fiat-money players to Bitcoins if the advertising is done correctly.

The betting platform has been designed by Coingaming to maximize the revenues and profit streams for the operators integrating it. It has also been created with Bitcoin in mind, ensuring that it seems natural for Bitcoin users to use.

Mark McGuinness, Communications Director of Coingaming, said: “The underlying bitcoin sportsbook technology shall offer significant advantages over traditional fiat currency based fixed-odds platforms. We have over 10,000 live betting markets on offer per week, including fast developing betting sports such as MMA and eSports.  Benefits for the player include the ability to place larger bets on events on any device with better odds, instant deposits and cash-outs. These features will appeal to young smart, mobile focused sports bettors that demand instant gratification.”

The sports betting market is currently seeing a lot of investments from Bitcoin operators, as it is one of the biggest revenue streams in the iGaming industry. There are million of bettors betting on a daily basis and many are not happy with the restrictions that traditional bookies put on them, which would make the Bitcoin sportsbetting product very attractive to them.

Coingaming did not announce if any of their current partners will be integrating the sportsbetting platform.

Snapcard and Alpha Payments Cloud In Bitcoin Payment Partnership

The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with an estimated 7 million either trading or using Bitcoins on a regular basis. A lot of the mainstream adaption comes from services and businesses accepting Bitcoins, but we still haven’t seen a small percentage of the world’s businesses integrate it yet.

With more companies integrating the Bitcoin as a payment method, people will have a cheaper alternative towards paying, as well as more secure. For the companies it is also beneficial, as they will save a fortune in transaction costs and the security in Bitcoins are a lot higher than in regular payment methods such as credit cards and bank wires.

Now we will see yet another boom of businesses accepting Bitcoins online and land-based as Snapcard (now Sendwyre) and Alpha Payments Cloud has signed a partnership agreement to power AlphaHub customers with Bitcoin acceptance.

Snapcard is one of the leading Bitcoin payment processing as well as Bitcoin wallet companies out there. Alpha Payments Cloud is a major payment processing company, with customers all across the globe.

The existing AlphaHub customers, as well as new, will be able to accept Bitcoins through a single, simple API integration on their websites. It litterally only takes a few clicks and their shop or service will be ready to accept Bitcoins.

“The AlphaHub API connects banks and merchants to more than 100 white-label solutions like gateways, alternative payments, ID verification, chargeback management– we’re excited to work with Snapcard to help our clients capture the added-value of accepting global alternative payments like Bitcoin,” commented Rónán Gallagher, Chief Product Officer at Alpha Payments Cloud.

Alpha Payments Cloud will furthermore refer interested customers to Snapcard, who will help educate the staff in Bitcoins, acceptance of them and everything else that one needs to know to accept the cryptocurrency.

“We pride ourselves in customer service and understand that with a new payment method like Bitcoin, it’s important to stay involved in the educational process,” noted Michael Dunworth, CEO of Snapcard, “Alpha is known for its innovative initiatives in the payment space– with this partnership, we’re looking forward to bringing a beautiful line of Bitcoin products to Alpha’s clients.”

The pricing should be quite attractive for many of AlphaHub’s customers, as there will be no setup costs or monthly fees. Instead, all businesses accepting Bitcoins will be paying 0.5% of each transaction made with Bitcoins, which will provide an average save of 3% compared to the regular methods.

Not only can the businesses who choses to accept Bitcoins through AlphaHub find new target markets and save money in fees, the Bitcoin also get more exposure to the general public which will attract more people towards using Bitcoins as their preferred payment method.

Hopefully we will see a wide range of different industries and shop integrate Bitcoin as a payment method, so that the mainstream adaption can reach new crowds. The more smaller businesses that integrates Bitcoins, the more the larger companies will consider doing so as well, creating a ripple effect that could only benefit the Bitcoin in the long run.

Bryan Micon Cuts Deal and Pleads Guilty In SealsWithClubs Case

The Bitcoin has attracted many creative geniuses, whom have created various businesses based upon the Bitcoin as a payment method or by using its technology. One of those people is Bryan Micon, who was the face of the now shut down SealsWithClubs and the owner of SWCPoker.

Micon helped the Bitcoin poker industry get to the next level, after being stuck with a couple of small-time operators who had no clue on how to get liquidity into a room. Micon started different marketing campaigns and slowly build up the reputation that made SealsWithClubs the Pokerstars of Bitcoin poker.

But just like most things, SealsWithClubs came to an end. The management didn’t feel that they could continue to operate the room after yet another attack on their servers and decided to shut down the site in February of this year.

Micon decided that he would not let the attackers decide if he should run a poker room or not and opened up his own room SWCPoker, which was a descendant of Seals, just without the original management team.

Micon believed that he could transfer over most of the player base from Seals and continue to operate a successful room with the new software he had purchased, along with other improvements.

Micon didn’t make it that far in his plans however, as his home in Las Vegas was raided and once he flead to Antigua, a warrant for his arrest was released

It was believed that Micon would not return to the US again to face his charges, as Antigua is a safe place to hide for those wanted by the US police and agencies. However Micon did return to face his charges, after his lawyer got him a plea-deal.

Micon pleaded guilty to having run an unlicensed interactive gaming system in the state of Nevada. By pleading guilty, Micon will, according to his lawyer, avoid any jail-time for the crime he did. Micon will instead be on probation for an unknown amount of time and if he completes that he will be able to plead to one gross misdemeanor count of conspiracy to operate unlicensed interactive gaming systems.

Furthermore Micon will also have to pay a $25,000 fine for having run the illegal gaming site, as well as forfeit properties seized in the raid, which includes $900 in cash, around three Bitcoins and a ton of electronic equipment.

The deal is still quite good for Micon however, as he initially faced upwards of 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine for having run SealsWithClubs. Micon himself has not made any official comments on the case yet, but we feel confident that he is happy with the sentence despite of his beliefs that the US is killing the creativity in the country.

The official sentence in the case will be made in November of this year and will determine what Micon’s official punishment will be, should he complete his probation.

BetVIP Shuts Down Service – Cloudbet Acquires Player-base and Balances

The Bitcoin betting industry is growing at a rapid rate these days, but it seems that the glory days may be over for some Bitcoin operators. One of the more prominent Bitcoin betting sites in the industry, BetVIP, announced earlier this week that they have closed their doors for good.

It all started out on June 12th when BetVIP suspended their sportsbetting trading for all customers, with the rest of their products following shortly after. The management then made a decision to look for other companies to take over their players.

The reason for the closure of BetVIP has been described by the BetVIP management as a mixture of the early nature of the Bitcoin betting industry and also because of the increase in regulations and legal environments around the world.

BetVIP had obtained a license in Curacao to operate their business under, something which many Bitcoin sites does not have. While having a license is good for the customers, it does create some limitations towards a Bitcoin business, which BetVIP probably felt while trying to operate.

Initially it was not possible for the customers of BetVIP to access their accounts and their funds, but now it has been made official that Cloudbet will take over all of BetVIP’s customers and bankrolls.

Cloudbet is one of the leading online Bitcoin bookmakers and casino sites, having grown rapidly in the past years time thanks to their fast cash outs, innovative betting platform and good promotions. That combined with high limits on all the popular sports, has made Cloudbet a popular place to place bets and play casino games for many players and now players of BetVIP can join as well.

Should the customers of BetVIP not wish to continue to gamble with their Bitcoins and instead want them cashed out, then they are free to do so. Cloudbet will honour all balances and all Bitcoins are available for cash outs without any requirements,

“Acquiring the BetVIP player base brings relief to BetVIP players who have been waiting several weeks for access to their funds,” said Leandro Rossi, managing director of Cloudbet. “We have made the transition as seamless as possible for players, and they can access their accounts and funds immediately at Cloudbet”

“This strengthens the Cloudbet brand as well as both the bitcoin and betting communities,” Rossi continued. “BetVIP customers can enjoy all of the exciting sports betting, casino, and mobile services that Cloudbet offer, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by Cloudbet’s track record and history of delivering high-quality and safe online betting services.”

It happens once in a while that well-known brands closes their doors in the gaming industry, but not in all cases the players gets their funds returned. Cloudbet saw an option to boost their business, but they also cared enough about the Bitcoin and the industry to not let a scandal burst into mainstream media and save all of the players funds.

If you were a player on BetVIP, all you have to do to access your funds is to login to Cloudbet with your details and you can see everything. You can also have a look at our offers for Bitcoin sportsbook sites and find a safe, reliable and high-odds site to wager your Bitcoins on here.