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Partnership for Bitcoin Payments by Snapcard and Alpha Payments Cloud

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The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with an estimated 7 million either trading or using Bitcoins on a regular basis. A lot of the mainstream adaption comes from services and businesses accepting Bitcoins, but we still haven’t seen a small percentage of the world’s businesses integrate it yet. With more companies… Read more »

Imagining a Society That Operates Cash-Less…

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Denmark is a country well-known for several things. First and foremost they have been awarded as the happiest country in the world, but they are also well-known for being very well educated and having a great economy – one of the best in the world per capita. A society like theirs – and the rest… Read more »

Customers Can Now File Claims For Lost Bitcoins Against Mt. Gox

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The Bitcoin and its industries is currently growing like ever before. We see more and more gambling sites opening up their doors to accepting the cryptocurrency, we see more and more mainstream adaption and we see more vendors, charities and online businesses accepting it. But we don’t have to go more than a little over… Read more »

More Than 100,000 Retailers Across The Globe Accept Bitcoin Today

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The Bitcoin has come far in the past few years, as the first couple of years it was simply an idea of a futuristic currency that some tech-interested people decided to be a part of. By 2011 it started to be used as a currency online at places like Second World, as well as with… Read more »

App Called “Lawnmower” Invests In Bitcoins For You

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If you are into Bitcoins, chances are that you have tried to invest in them for both a short-term and long-term gain in value. While there has been some making a ton of money by being an early adapter, many of us have only been able to make a little profit, if any, by investing… Read more »

Betkurus Bitcoin Gaming Site Receives $670,000 in Investments

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The Bitcoin gaming industry has been growing rapidly the past years, with more and more new sites popping up, as well as established sites integrating the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Furthermore it is expected that the Bitcoin gambling industry will grow even more in the next few years, which makes it interesting for investors… Read more »

BetOnline Has Integrated Bitcoin As a Payment Method

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Since the Bitcoin was launched and starting reaching the first tech crowds, it has been used for gambling. It started out with just a few dice sites, a poker site as well as a few other sort of casino sites, but it gradually grew to a multi-million industry when the Bitcoin increased in value over… Read more »

Neteller Announces Bitcoin Deposits in Online Wallet

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One of the world’s largest online wallet systems and prepaid Mastercard providers, Neteller, announced today that they have integrated Bitcoin as a deposit method to fund accounts. The feature has been spoken about for days, but was not officially confirmed by Neteller until today, where the feature was also integrated. Neteller was founded back in… Read more »