Arrest Warrant Issued In Nevada For Bryan Micon

While the Bitcoin is moving forward like an unstoppable train across the world, with more and more companies embracing the coin and more merchants accepting it, it’s not everyone who is currently enjoying it as much.

Bryan Micon, professional poker player, former chairman of SealsWithClubs and current owner of SwCpoker, has got a arrest warrant issued on him in the state of Nevada, which practically means that if he goes to the US he will be arrested.

Micon has been charged with a Class B felony, for operating an unlicensed and unregulated poker site in the state of Nevada. Should he be arrested, trialed and found guilty, Micon can be looking at up to 10 years in prison and a fine upwards of $50,000.

While there are no exact details available from the state attorney yet, they have announced that they will be hosting a press conference to give the press the details about the case and what it is exactly that Micon did that was against the law.

What we do know is that the charges against Micon is for running the Bitcoin poker site SealsWithClubs, which was shut down in February, right after Micon’s Las Vegas residence was raided by local police forces and the Nevada Gaming Commission. 

The police raid was unwarranted and Micon explained in this video that his house door was kicked down by police forces with big guns, who didn’t listen when he said that he wasn’t going to do anything. Furthermore they scared his kids and wife during the raid, only to confiscate a few computers.

“A bunch of guys with guns broke down my door, put me in handcuffs, serving a warrant from the Nevada gaming commission. The 10 agents stole most of my electronics” Micon says in the video, adding:

“After I was lead out in handcuffs in my underwear, it was pretty clear that it was proper to leave sooner rather than later and I didn’t really want my two-year-old daughter, whom I love very much, to grow up in a police state where creativity was met with guns and what not.”

Shortly after the raid, SealsWithClubs shut down and asked players to cash out their Bitcoins as soon as possible to avoid troubles. Micon then decided that he wanted to continue operating SealsWithClubs and opened up its sister-site SwCpoker, which is currently operating without issues.

The case in general seems a bit like an overkill as SealsWithClubs was not making millions from offering Bitcoin poker. While they did serve US players, there are plenty of bigger poker networks and sites out there who does the same.

Micon left for Antigua shortly after the raid in his home and probably doesn’t plan on going back to the US to face a trial for operating a Bitcoin poker site in the state. Micon stated through his lawyer that he doesn’t feel like he did anything wrong or unethical in operating the site.

“Bryan has always maintained that he committed no wrongdoing, but I’m not in a position to comment on the Attorney General’s filing because I haven’t seen it,” said defense attorney Richard Schonfeld to

Bitcoin Bookmaker BetVIP Launches Independent Poker Room

BetVIP became a Bitcoin house-hold name back in June of 2014, when they became the first licensed Bitcoin bookmaker, licensed in Curaçao under its laws and gambling regulations. Now the company has decided to branch out from their sportsbook and casino game offerings and offer their own independent poker room.

The poker room has been launched a few days ago and is Bitcoin only, just like with all other products offered by BetVIP. To ensure as many players as possible will have access to the room, BetVIP released both a Mac and Windows version of the software, which has been provided by Enterra Gaming.

Traffic has yet to pick up, which is natural from a newly opened room, but BetVIP will be offering players the chance to win some free Bitcoins through weekly freerolls. For those who are looking to deposit and play, BetVIP has integrated ‘instant’ deposits which means that once it has received three confirmations of the deposit it will credit it your account. This process will commonly take around 10 minutes or less and your Bitcoin will be exchanged at a ratio of 1BTC to 1,000mBTC.

BetVIP will also provide their fast cash out times known from their sportsbook and casino to the poker platform, allowing players to cash out within hours. Players will have the ability to be almost completely anonymous, having only to fill in an email to be able to create an account.

“The rapid growth of our business over the past year stems from the fact that users want a trusted, licensed bitcoin betting and gaming environment. The launch of BetVIP Poker enables players to enjoy an even wider selection of market-leading cryptocurrency wagering products on both Mac and Windows platforms,” Chief Executive Officer and Founder of BetVIP, Daniel Schwartzkoppf said.

“We have seen many users convert to BetVIP from fiat money currency platforms for the numerous benefits bitcoin offer. With low fees and strong identity protection, as well as rapid, simple and safe payments, bitcoin is the future of the igaming industry.” Schwartzkoppf added.

BetVIP’s launch of their own independent is coming at a great time, as the Bitcoin poker industry has seen its by far biggest poker room (SealsWithClubs) shut down, due to raids made by the Nevada Gaming Commission. While their board member and professional poker player Bryan Micon went ahead and launched a new site for the players (SwcPoker), it has not been able to collect anywhere near the traffic the old site had and many players are currently looking for other places to play these days.

At the same time the Bitcoin has regained some strengths in its value, having reached a value close to what it had three months ago. Currently the Bitcoin is valued at around $270-$290, having been down to around $200 which was the lowest since the beginning of 2013.

The Bitcoin is currently seeing massive growth in its amount of active users, with industry experts believing that it will reach five million active users by 2019. If the amount of active Bitcoin users continues to rise, so will the value and so will the Bitcoin gambling industry naturally, as more and more gambling sites and players continue to discover the benefits of using the cryptocurrency as a payment method.