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Betcoin Dice Review

Would you sign up to a Bitcoin casino site accused of stealing $800+ worth of bitcoin?

What about a casino that stole copy verbatim from a competitor?

Probably not.

Well, those are just two accusations against Betcoin Dice.

And there’s more. (I’m going to share the others in a minute.)

But are accusations enough? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

And it appears that other players enjoy their site. Betcoin Dice claims to have processed more than 3.5 million bets – or 100.5 million dollars. And supposedly their games have the lowest house edge.

We’ll see.

The purpose of this review is to highlight the good, the bad, the ugly. We want to answer one question:

Is Betcoin Dice, aka Betcoin.tm, full of promise or full of smoke?


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