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DirectBet Sportsbook Review

DirectBet is a newcomer to bitcoin betting markets. The sportsbook and racebook opened their doors in December 2013. In their short time in the market, they have paid players promptly and emerged as a solid option for Bitcoin sports bettors.

DirectBet has no country restrictions and accepts players from around the world. They also accept Dogecoin and Litecoin, in addition to Bitcoin.

No Sign-Up Required

DirectBet is fully anonymous, in that players don’t need to create an account to wager and receive their winnings. Players simply have to send their bets to a designated Bitcoin address for each corresponding wager and their winnings will be sent directly back to their wallet.

The full anonymity is excellent, especially given the relatively large number of new Bitcoin online sportsbooks that setup shop with the sole intention of running off with players’ funds. However, personally speaking I prefer to have the option of holding an account with a rolling balance. So, while the pure anonymity aspect is nice, the option to have an account and hold a balance is a feature I think Direct Bet would be wise to add.


DirectBet’s site and interface are somewhat dated looking, but placing wagers by sending your bitcoins off to specified addresses is simple.

Although, their sports and markets aren’t exactly optimal it works well in practice. The layout of the site itself is reminiscent of one designed about five years ago. Players can choose between American and Decimal odds. Placing bets via parlays and other non-side and total wagers is straightforward.

I hate to be too critical of DirectBet because of their graphics and layout, but they are quite terrible. Again, everything seems to work well from an efficiency standpoint, but it’s hard get past how outdated the site looks. I can’t imagine designing a site to look this way if I was opening an online sportsbook today.


Name: DirectBet


Established year: 2013

Languages: English

Wagering limits: Average

Cashout times: Fast

Other crypto currencies accepted: Dogecoin, Litecoin



Large range of sports covered.
Good support and very active in Bitcoin forums.
Extremely private service for betting anonymity.
Decent choice of live betting options.
Cannot hold an account with an active balance.
Website design is extremely dated and unprofessional.
Poorer odds than many of their competitors.
No signup bonuses and other "VIP" promotions are poor.
Do not offer a casino or poker games.

VIP Program

DirectBet does reward their high volume players through a rewards program. Players can earn up to 10 BTC per month in rewards depending on the amount they wager. For every 0.001 BTC wagered, players will earn 1 loyalty point. The rewards will be paid to players in the form of free bets or freeplay wagers.

How does this work with their anonymity and players not having an account at DirectBet? When bettors place a wager, they can optionally provide their email address. This still works if the player is using multiple payout addresses, all his wagers and rewards will be linked to that email.

This takes away some of the anonymity aspect because if you want to get credited for your rewards you will either need to use the same BTC Address or link all your wagers to your email address. However, DirectBet is simply asking for an email address, and doesn’t require any other personal information.

Deposit Bonus

Markets and Odds

DirectBet comes through in a big way with their betting markets. There’s a long list of sports that go much past the larger markets. Soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, hockey and college football are all available. The list goes on and includes, snooker, golf, cricket, rugby, darts, volleyball, boxing, mixed martial arts, Australian Football, motor sports and cycling.

Almost every sport offered will have one or more future wagers, usually centered on the particular league’s championship odds. Other than futures, there are few other betting markets available besides parlays.

There are plenty of live betting options for just about every market, but like most odds on DirectBet, there are not a lot of great prices. The odds aren’t necessarily sharp, but the live betting odds are some of the worst I’ve seen online.

Betting Limits

DirectBet has betting limits of at least 1.0 BTC on all markets, but more prominent ones will have even higher betting limits. The 1.0 BTC number is around the standard amount that most Bitcoin sportsbooks will take on most sides or totals.

DirectBet is on the conservative side with this number, which is fine. It inspires more confidence that they will be able to pay players because they aren’t taking massive wagers less than a year into their operations. However, they have stated on forum posts that, “we will never limit your bets, even if you are a big winner” which have been some famous last words for many sportsbooks.


Players can either email DirectBet via their email address at or use the comment form on their website. They can expect a reply within a few hours during normal business hours.

DirectBet, like most other Bitcoin sportsbooks, has an active thread at the Bitcoin Talk Forum where they promote their sportsbook and answer complaints and take suggestions.


Roulette Wheel


Overall Thoughts

DirectBet is another one of the many Bitcoin sportsbooks to pop up within the past year or so. Many of these operators go bust or run off with funds, even after being in business for 1-2 years. The risk with new sites like DirectBet is especially high for this reason.

However, since they don’t keep funds in accounts on their site, it limits the vast majority of the risk. With that said, their odds just simply aren’t very good. The vast majority of BTC related sites have better odds.

DirectBet is probably a safe place to deposit your funds and wager, but there are many sportsbooks available with a longer track record and more lucrative odds.


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