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Fairlay Sportsbook Review

Do you want a change of pace? Then you might want to check out Fairlay.

Fairlay is a user-generated prediction market. This differs from a traditional bitcoin sportsbook in a couple of ways:

  • All bets are created by users like you and me.
  • There’s a larger variety of themes. You can bet on politics, current events, bitcoin prices, social media, TV, and more.
  • The odds fluctuate based on how people vote (like parimutuel betting). Sportsbooks typically use a fixed betting format.

If you read our BetMoose review – Fairlay is just like them, only with fewer predictions to bet on.

They founded the company in 2013, and opened their site for Beta in mid-February. Since then they have acquired 1,000 users, tracked more than 8,000 bets and have had more than 50 predictions to bet on.

It looks like they’re off to a great start.

But numbers can be misleading. So let’s take a look at their site in finer detail. We want to determine if it’s going to be worth it for you to check them (especially compared to BetMoose).


Name: Fairlay

URL: www.fairlay.com

Established year: 2013

Languages: English

US Players: Yes

Cashout times: Fast

Other crypto currencies accepted: None



Active forum
Works well on all mobile devices
Quick response to support requests
Site navigation could be improved
Not many promotions

Do They Have Any Promotions?

Kind of.

When I signed up they sent out a confirmation email. You need to click the link in the email to confirm your account.

In that email they told me I could receive 1 mBTC free.


But when I confirmed my account they told me I needed to deposit 1 mBTC before they’ll give me the free coin. This is because they’ve had to deal with people abusing the offer.

Understandable – and it’s better than nothing.

Other than that they don’t offer anything. I asked about it through email, and they told me they don’t offer other promotions so they could keep their predictions/bets as cheap and fair as possible.

Signup Bonus

Creating A Prediction, Options & Fees

Like BetMoose, Fairlay lets you create your own predictions. Do you think bitcoin will rise/drop in value by the end of 2014? Do you think the Cavaliers will win the NBA Championship?

Then create a prediction and others will bet on it.

The process is different from BetMoose. Fairlay will need to approve your prediction first. Here’s how you create it:

  • Enter a title.
  • Create a description.
  • Add a closing date (when the last bet can be made).
  • Enter a resolution date (when the prediction can be settled).
  • Add a source link (this is a resource that people can read to determine what they think the outcome will be).
  • Choose a category (is this sports, news, finance, etc).

Then submit the prediction.

If you have any questions about the process you can contact Fairlay at info@fairlay.com.

Betting On Predictions

What if you don’t want to create a prediction?

That’s okay. You can bet on predictions instead. Here are some of the choices you have:

  • Bitcoin
    • Altcoins
    • Bad news
    • Bitshares-x
    • Butterflylabs
    • Challenge
    • Difficulty
    • MtGox
    • Price
    • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Sports
    • Football
    • Formula 1
    • Poker
  • News
    • Edward Snowden
    • MH370
    • Politics

There are fewer options than BetMoose. But since they’re in Beta I expect them to add more markets in the near future.

What’s interesting about some of their bets is that they’re out as long as 3 years. That’s a long time to wait – you have to wonder what the bitcoin market will look like then – or if it’s even around.

The one complaint I have is that betting on a prediction isn’t straightforward. You can choose either side (yes/no), your own odds or use their advanced form to micro-manage your odds.

So it would be helpful if they had tutorials that explained how this all worked. They have an FAQ page, but I don’t feel like it’s thorough enough.

It’s a cool idea, though.

The fees seem to be decent too. They take a 2% cut only from winning bets. Here’s how they explain it:

Lets say you place a prediction of 10,000 mBTC and your odds are 2.5. Your winnings are 10,000 * 2,5 = 25,000 mBTC. We directly subtract a fee of 2% from the net winnings. The net winnings are 15,000 mBTC. 15,000 * 2% = 300. So you will be credited with 25,000 – 300 = 24,700 mBTC.

Everything else is free.




The Good –and- The Bad

So what else should you know before signing up?

The Good Stuff

  • They have a forum. It looks like it’s mostly used for feedback. But their staff appears to be quick and responsive.
  • The site is mobile responsive – kind of. It could use some work. About 90% of the site is responsive, whereas the rest of it doesn’t fit the screen well or has text shooting off in some random direction.

The Bad Stuff

  • Their homepage is a mess. It could use some structure. Maybe some categories so you can quickly find the types of bets you want to make.
  • They don’t have any terms, privacy policy or legal pages.

I’m sure I could find more, but since they’re new I want to cut them some slack.

Yay or Nay On Fairlay?


There are some things I don’t care for. For example, the mobile responsiveness could use some tweaking. Some instructions would be helpful. And I think it’d be a good idea to add the standard legal pages.

But, other than that, they have a solid, proprietary platform, a neat idea and reasonable fees. I’m interested to see where they’re at in a year or so.

But for now, I give them a B rating.


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