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Nitrogen Sports Review

Nitrogen Sports are a Bitcoin based sportsbook that accepts players from all over the world. Founded in 2012, they have quickly become one of the most trusted Bitcoin sportsbooks online. Though they have suffered from DDOS attacks over the past year, the site was only down for a few hours and all bitcoins in player’s accounts remained safe. The company is located in San Juan, Costa Rica and owned by Ideal Media Incorporated.

First Impressions

Nitrogen Sports has a refined design and betting platform, along with some unique attributes compared to other sportsbooks that deal in solely bitcoins.

When a player visits the site for the first time, Nitrogen Sports assigns each individual computer (and user) a unique Bitcoin address and uses downloaded cookies to keep them logged into the site. This is all bettors need to transfer their Bitcoins over and begin betting, but Nitrogen offers several other layers of security.

This includes a unique address that will automatically log users in if they are on another device. They can also create a user name and password, (no email required) to add another level of security. Adding an extra layer is simple as well, via two-factor authentication, which can be done by Google Authenticator and other applications.

Bettors can completely “sign out” of Nitrogen Sports, which would delete the cookies off their computer that the sportsbook uses for identification. It is vital that customers save their login link, or add a username and password so they can access their account again.

Another neat feature is the lobby chat room on the main page of the sportsbook. Customers can create their own aliases and chat with other bettors about the day’s games and cheer each other on. Nitrogen employees are also regularly active in the chat box in the evenings and are able to answer questions and handle support.

Betting Markets

Like many Bitcoin sportsbooks we review, the number of betting markets for such a new industry is especially impressive. Nitrogen Sports offers an absolute laundry list of the world’s top leagues for nearly every sport on the planet.

All American professional sports leagues are available for betting, along with NCAA football and basketball. The list from there is almost limitless. Pretty much every soccer league in the world is offered, including Champions League and International contests. E-sports, a newer market that focused on video game wagering is one I have not yet seen another Bitcoin sportsbook. Other markets include tennis, hockey, golf, mixed martial arts, Aussie rules, bandy, curling, cycling, handball, rugby and volleyball.

One drawback is the amount of bet types that each sport has on offer. Future wagers are commonplace for just about every league and competition in the world, but there is a lot left to be desired. Teasers and parlays are the only types of wagers that can be utilized besides straight bets. This is a noted concern of management, and they look to expand bet types soon. Also, live bettors will currently be out of luck at Nitrogen. However, like the other betting markets, the team is actively working on a live betting platform that should be available in the coming months.

One other note, most sports are auto graded after completion, but a notable number of markets are not. This means possibly waiting an hour or two after the event concludes for your bitcoin winnings to be available to wager on another market. Bettors at large fiat-sportsbooks will not be used to this, and the Nitrogen team is actively working to improve on this.


Name: Nitrogen Sports


Established year: 2012

Languages: English

Wagering limits: Small

Cashout times: Instant



Established and trusted bitcoin sportsbook
Impressive range of betting markets
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Limited betting options
Great monthly Parlay Promotion
No live in-play betting platform

Bonuses and Promotions

The percentage of Bitcoin sportsbooks that offer deposit bonuses is growing, but many still do not offer a free-play bonus when players first deposit. Nitrogen Sports is one of these sportsbooks, but their overall odds do some to make up for the drawback.

They do offer a monthly parlay promotion where they reward players with the highest parlay payouts with extra cash bonuses on top. It’s an innovative move by the book and something we have never seen before.

Monthly Parlay

Odds and Wager Limits

Overall, their odds are quite strong considering the large number of markets. They have stronger underdog lines, but their odds for two and three team parlay and teasers are the most impressive. Though, like many Bitcoin sportsbooks in a still emerging industry, they suffer from some lower maximum bet limits.

With a minimum bet of 0.001 bitcoins, even those are betting for amusement aren’t left out in the cold. On most major markets, the maximum wager is 1.0 BTC, but this gets smaller with lesser known sports. Overnight lines are usually 0.5 BTC.

They do note on their site that the max wager amount displayed on each bet is also a risk value, along with the to-win value. So bettors can wager 1.5 BTC to win 1.0 BTC. Also, management is flexible with limit increases and may up the ante on a selection if a player submits a ticket through support.

Cashier and Support

Though the sportsbook operates solely in Bitcoin, withdrawals can differ from one Bitcoin to the next. Once you send bitcoins to your specified address, they should arrive instantly or in a matter of minutes. Withdrawals are usually automatic through Nitrogen Sports’ system.

Their support staff is perhaps the best out of any Bitcoin sportsbook on the market. They do not offer phone support, but representatives are usually available via the lobby chat. There is also a built-in support ticket system where bettors can usually get a response within a few hours. Nitrogen reps are also active at most of the larger Bitcoin forums online.


Roulette Wheel



Top Bitcoin Sportsbook

Nitrogen Sports may not have a deposit bonus or sky high betting limits, but they have shown longevity in the still young Bitcoin sports betting market. Their odds and support staff are excellent, and they are one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the Bitcoin community.

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