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Reviewed by Mathew Wilburn

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Name: OleBitcoin.com

URL: www.olebitcoin.com

Established year: 2013

License: N/A

Bonus Amount: Deposit Bonus up to 0.5%

Wagering Req: 4x

Bitcoin Only: Yes

Deposit Bonus up to 0.5%

Get this amazing offer

Deposit Bonus up to 0.5%

Get this amazing offer

OleBitcoin.com Review

Let’s get something out of the way—

OleBitcoin.com is not a sportsbook.

I know, right?! Imagine my surprise when I stop by their site to see what they got for you, only to find out it’s not moneylines, prop bets or World Cup matches.

I’ve come to find out that they offer 2 services instead:

  • They help you create accounts at multiple sportsbooks from one central location.
  • They take your bitcoin and convert them to credits so that you can join bookies that don’t accept bitcoin.

So basically, Ole is an agent for several sportsbooks. I’ll explain what books you can join and what they have in store for you in just a second. But, first, I want to share some intel about their company.

OleBitcoin.com is owned and operated by Ole Group International. They’re an Asia-focused bookmaker with years of experience operating in the southeast Asian region.

They own/operate SBOBitcoin – or used to. This is now a sportsbook, but before being rebranded it once offered the same services OleBitcoin.com does now.

They do NOT accept American bettors. Americans can still check out and drool over admire the sportsbooks, though.

Everyone else that can join will need to create a full account to use their services. That includes your name (or alias), DOB, email and phone number.

If that puts you off, stop, and read the rest of this review. I’ll tell you what books you can join, and the one thing OleBitcoin.com allows that many books do not. All you gotta do is ship them an email ([email protected] or [email protected]) and ask.

Interested? Let’s move on.

They Have… Promotions?

Would you believe that they have a deposit bonus?

Well, they do.

I’m surprised because they’re a service provider, not a sportsbook. But I’m not about to complain.

When you sign up you’ll receive a .5% match or .005 bonus. They deposit this to your account instantly – you can make winning bets with it right away.

There are rollover requirements, too. You’ll need to wager the deposit plus bonus 4x. For example, if you deposit 1,000 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), you would receive the .005 bonus. You would have to wager 1,005×4 HKD before cashing out.

Their match bonus is limited to 2 bitcoins. But they do mention that they can increase this on a case-by-case basis.

Note: I have sent them an email asking if I can have their deposit bonus and whatever the sportsbooks offer. They haven’t gotten back to me yet.

Type Amount (%) Matched amount Wagering REQs
Deposit BonusNo Limit0.5%4xClaim now

Pros and cons


  • Use bitcoins to play at large fiat sites
  • Play at sites from restricted countries
  • Access to sites for pro bettors


  • Unsure on site's reliability
  • Agents are working in a legal grey area
  • Agents charge commission on every bet

What Sportsbook Can You Join?

There are 3 sportsbooks you can join using their services. Here’s a general overview of each.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle is one of the more popular sportsbooks in this region.

Here you can bet on all kinds of things – e-sports, politics, rugby, golf, football, and more.

One thing that stands out about Pinnacle is that they welcome big winners / pro bettors. They state their core business model focuses on maximizing volume on small margins. So there’s no reason to fear if you want to come here to make money.

They’re budget friendly too – you can make bets for as little as $1.


SBOBitcoin is a subsidiary of Ole Group Philippines Inc. They’ve been in business for about 7 years.

Up until recently they offered the same service(s) OleBitcoin.com does now. But it appears that OleBitcoin.com broke off to continue the service, while SBOBitcoin now offers sports betting.

At their book you can bet on all the standard things – football, baseball, tennis, darts, hockey, MMA and so on.

You can also play casino, live casino and everyday games. Things like blackjack, live baccarat and scratch tickets.


IBCBET are a large Asian bookie and casino site that predominantly services players based in Asia. They have a large sportsbook and Vegas style casino.







Why players love OleBitcoin.com

Get your exclusive welcome bonus


Restricted countries

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Customer support

Phone: No
Chat: No


Should You Use OleBitcoin.com?

Pretty cool stuff, am I right?

But the question you want answered now is, should you sign up? Is their service worth it?

To answer that, let’s break everything down into 2 piles, the advantages and disadvantages.

Things I like:

  • You can use bitcoin (it’s not an option at these books otherwise).
  • You get a deposit bonus. That MAY BE in addition to the offers found on Pinnacle Sports or SBOBitcoin.
  • Pinnacle offers crazy small margins.
  • OleBitcoin.com is mobile responsive.

And remember that thing I told you that OleBitcoin offers, that many books do not?

They accept big winners and pro punters. You just have to email them ahead of time. If that’s you, that should induce a sigh of relief. Many books don’t want your business.

But OleBitcoin.com (and Pinnacle Sports) welcome it.

Stuff I don’t like:

  • Depending on the deals, it might make more sense to sign up to each book individually. This assumes you can fund your account with something other than bitcoin, though.

Overall, I would rate them a B.

Keep in mind that rating is for their service. I didn’t dive too deep into the individual sportsbooks. So comparing them to other books is comparing apples to oranges.

But it’s an interesting idea that will scale and become more convenient as time goes on. If you live in the southeastern (Asian) regions and want to join any of these books using bitcoin, then check out OleBitcoin.com today.

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