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SatoshiBet Casino Review

SatoshiBet is what I would consider a minimalist casino. When you visit their site you’ll see what I mean. All of their games are listed on their homepage. And notice how their navigation has only a couple of tabs.

They don’t offer any promotions either. You’d think this would be a major disadvantage. Most other casinos either have promotions (be it VIP programs or match bonuses), or have told us they’re in the works.

But this hasn’t stopped players from checking out SatoshiBet. Since their 2013 start they’ve paid out 41,636,023 mBTC in winnings. That’s more than 41,000 bitcoin or $16 million at today’s rates. More than 13 million games have been played to date, too.

All in all, despite taking the minimalist approach they appear to be a solid casino. I’ve not found any major complaints or scam warnings either. Unless you need tons of games and free money offers, there’s no reason not to check them out.


Name: SatoshiBet Casino


Established year: 2013

Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Romanian, German

Wagering limits: High

Cashout times: Fast

Other crypto currencies accepted: Dogecoin, Litecoin



Offer unique games developed in-house
Minesweeper and deice available
All games are provably fair
Only casino I know that allows use of hotkeys
Limited selection of casino games
No bonuses or promotions

Deposit & Withdrawal Details

You can fund your account using bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. They’re one of the few casinos that do.

All you need to do to make a deposit is click ‘generate an address.’ You can also hit the Show QR button and scan the code that pops up.

Deposits will require 1 confirmation. You should expect this to take up to 10 minutes – pretty standard stuff.

The min. cash out is .1 mBTC. Cash outs only take 5 minutes, making them one of the fastest bitcoin casinos I’ve seen.

Standard stuff, really. One other thing – you’ll want to make sure that you don’t let 6 months pass without you playing. Otherwise SatoshiBet has terms that state they will close your account. And they’ll ‘voluntarily’ send you your funds back. As if they’re doing you a favor, right?


SatoshiBet Offers Only The Essential Casino Games

SatoshiBet offers one of the smallest selections of casino games out there. But unlike most casinos with few games, they offer a good variety. They offer the essentials.

Like these:

  • American and European Roulette – The American Roulette was just added. You can bet .001BTC to 3BTC.
  • Blackjack – A Blackjack pays 3:2, the dealer hits soft 17, you can double after splits, double on any first two cards, resplit aces and split up to 4 hands. You can wager .001 mBTC to 50 mBTC
  • Casino War – Bet .001 mBTC to 1 BTC
  • Video poker – Play Jacks or Better. Bet .001 mBTC to 50 mBTC per hand.
  • Baccarat – Bet .001 mBTC to 50 mBTC
  • Lucky 7 – This is a 3-reel classic slot machine with a 99.6% return rate. It has an auto spin feature and progressive jackpot. You can bet .001 mBTC to 50 mBTC, but you’ll need to wager at least 1 mBTC to qualify for the jackpot
  • Dice – Bet .001mBTC to 5 BTC
  • Mine Sweeper – Bet .001 mBTC to 50 mBTC

You have the option to play for free or real bitcoin. Not every casino offers this. You’ll find the option to switch between the two in the top right hand corner of your screen.

As for the software – it’s plain. In fact, I’m sure you have flashier casino apps on your phone. But the software works, even if it’s a bit on the slow side.

One thing I liked are their hotkeys – they’re already programmed in. This is neat, and not something you’ll see at a standard online casino.

All of their games are provably fair too. You’ll find this in the tab at the bottom left of each game. You can see the client and server seed, hash secret and initial shuffle. You can even enter your own client seed and use that to verify the legitimacy of the hand/round once it’s done. I tested it when I reviewed the site – it worked the first time, but not the second. I’m not sure why.

But if you run into any issues with it, or anything else on the site, you can contact support at:

Mobile Support

The Satoshibet website works on mobile, however it is not the best to navigate. Likewise, the games all appear to work on mobile devices, however, because they are not responsive, you will need to move around the screen alot in order to see what’s happening. This was particularly frustrating when playing their bitcoin roulette game, as you need to move the screen a lot in order to watch the spin. While it’s great to have games that work on smartphones and tablets, it’s not much use if the experience is poor. Unfortunately, on my iPhone, it was below average.


Roulette Wheel


Summary: Should You Join SatoshiBet?

SatoshiBet has basic software, a small suite of games and no promotions. Comparing them to or BetChain is comparing apples to oranges, as they obviously have completely different business models.

For me, the lack of any promotions is a huge negative, given that more and more btc casinos are now offering deposit bonuses and VIP loyalty programs, For that reason I would rate SatoshiBet as a C+. If they can add more games or promotions, then maybe I could see upgrading them to a B+. If you like unique games and a more minimal interface and aren’t too bothered by bonuses or promotions, then SatoshiBet is a solid choice of sites to play at.


Click here to visit SatoshiBet VISIT SITE

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