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Reviewed by Mathew Wilburn

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Name: SwC Poker

URL: www.swcpoker.eu

Established year: 2011

License: N/A

Bonus Amount: VIP Bonus up to 50%

Wagering Req: N/A

Bitcoin Only:  Yes


VIP Bonus up to 50%

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VIP Bonus up to 50%

Get this amazing offer

SwC Poker Review

Seals With Clubs (SWC) launched in 2011. They were the first bitcoin poker site. I’ve played many hands there but in order to write a balanced review I did extensive research to see what others thought. While doing this I came across both complaints and compliments. I want to share those with you now, before I get to the meat of the review.

The biggest complaints I found are:

  • The competition can be stiff during the weekdays. My guess is that this is from the remaining pros that didn’t move out of the USA post-Black Friday.
  • Users have to deal with bums – people that would create accounts and troll tables for handouts (free bitcoin).

The most common compliments I found are:

  • Super fast deposits and withdrawals. Seals With Clubs quote up to 1 hour for deposits and 12 hours for withdrawals. But it sounds like they beat those times, no sweat.
  • Super soft games during the early mornings, late evenings and weekends. I think this offsets the complaints above about stiff games.
  • Player to player transfers is allowed. (Most (US) rooms have stopped allowing P2P transfers.)

Overall, users rated Seals With Clubs a 6.4 out of 10. That’s equivalent to a ‘D.’ If we were comparing SWC to, say, Carbon Poker or Bovada, I might agree. But since neither of those rooms take bitcoin, that’s not a reasonable comparison.

Instead, I think we should compare them to another bitcoin poker site, such as Betcoin Poker. In that case I think Seals With Clubs deserves a much higher rating / grade.

How much higher? I’ll get to that in a second. But first, read my review of SWC below to learn more about their promotions, games and software.

Wtf! No Deposit Bonus?

One thing that disappoints me about Seals With Clubs is their lack of promotions, namely a deposit bonus. This might’ve worked a couple of years ago when there wasn’t any (bitcoin) competition. But nowadays it seems that a new site is launching every other day. And most of them offer deposits bonuses. That includes Betcoin Poker, the closest competitor to SWC.

Here’s another way to look at it. PokerStars, the most popular poker site in the world, continues to offer a deposit bonus to this day. If they can offer a deposit bonus, then I think Seals With Clubs can (and should) too. That aside, they do offer a couple of small promotions.

The one I like the most is their 50% rakeback offer. You’ll get 50% of your rake back when you play in 2-3 handed situations on non-heads up cash tables. This is their way of saying ‘thank you’ for starting and keeping cash games running. I would jump on this offer right away too. If their traffic continues to increase I would expect them to take it down.

Another promotion they have is their VIP program, the main benefit of which is cash back. The program works like any other VIP program – you play real money games, earn points, and receive perks based on the number of points you have.

The problem I have with their offer is that they made is so darned confusing. Each ‘point’ is called ‘krill.’ And the amount of krill you earn each hand or tournament is figured out using a mathematical formula like this:

√(rake) multiplied by (5 / players dealt) then multiplied by any other bonus factor currently in effect and finally rounded down to the nearest tenth of a Krill.

 The Krill earning calculation is: squareroot(entry fee) rounded down to the tenths place and multiplied by 2

Huh? It doesn’t make sense. What’s important to know, though, is that you can earn as much as 50% cash back and ‘GrandMasterSeal’ status. You’ll just have to earn 10 million krill to get it. Other than that SWC offers guaranteed tournaments. I’ll cover those in the next section.

Type Amount (%) Matched amount Wagering REQs
Rakeback50%N/A2-3 HandedClaim now
VIPup to 50%N/AN/AClaim now

Pros and cons


  • Most highly trafficked bitcoin poker site
  • Large rakeback percentages on offer
  • Only bitcoin site with mobile support
  • Highly trusted brand in the poker community


  • No first deposit bonus
  • Games can be a bit tougher during the day time
  • Software could be better

So-So Software, but Lots of Gtd Tournaments

Now for their software and games. Truth be told, I have mixed feelings about their software. On one hand, they have a download for Windows, Mac and Linux users. They also have an app for Android devices. Those are all great things. GREAT things!

What’s disappointing about the software is how plain it is. It reminds me of the games I played back when computers and the internet were just starting to become more mainstream in the early to mid 90s. I will say this, though – I was shocked at how well it all worked. I had no problems resizing tables, taking notes, turning options on/off, etc. Even the cards moved fast.

Okay… But What About Their Games?

They beat Betcoin Poker in every aspect.

Their cash game stakes range from .01/.02 to 1200/1400. When I last looked there was some action at the lower stakes. There were even squatters at the upper stakes. This is in stark contract to Betcoin where you would be lucky to find a play money table running outside of peak times.

For tournaments you can play SNGs ranging from $2 to $100, and $1,000 for heads up games.

Their multi-table tournaments range from $1 to $250. They run several guarantees throughout the day / week too:

  • Big BTC 10,000 GTD
  • Nightly 1.5k GTD
  • Thursday Smooth 850 GTD
  • Friday Special 1.5k GTD
  • Late Deep Turbo 300 GTD
  • 20 Chip 160 GTD
  • 10 Chip Turbo 150 GTD

One thing I didn’t see, though, is freerolls. And I couldn’t figure out how to play for free either, if it’s even an option. So Betcoin is definitely better in that regard, although as most of us want to play real money Bitcoin poker games, that shouldn’t be an issue.















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Seals With Clubs isn’t perfect. There’s room for improvement – anyone can see that. They could improve their software, add an iOS mobile app, speed up transfers and offer a deposit bonus. But while those are valid complaints – and are even areas where Betcoin Poker shines – Seals With Clubs has something Betcoin does not.

Traffic. About 3-5x as much.

And all things being equal, traffic is all that matters. Without traffic it doesn’t matter how good your software looks or how much free money you can get. You’ll never get to use it if you can’t sit down to play.

And there’s a better chance of finding a game at Seals With Clubs. That’s why I give them a grade of a B+ and recommend you check them out before Betcoin Poker.

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