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Novogratz: Cryptocurrency Market Will be ‘Largest Bubble of Our Lifetimes’


A former hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group is, reportedly, looking to create a $500 million hedge fund focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Mike Novogratz, the former manager at Fortress Investment Group, is investing $150 million of his own money. An additional $350 million is expected to be raised by January, 2018, through outside… Read more »

Bitcoin Extortion Group DD4BC Targeting Financial Companies


The world of the Bitcoin is overall looking a lot more positive. Every day we see more and more reports of startups and well-established companies using the Bitcoin or its technology in their company and as a micro-payment solution it is probably the best around at the time. But not everything is perfect in the… Read more »

Dark Web Market Places Processed $500,000 in Bitcoin Transactions Daily in 2014

shopping with bitcoin

The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular to use, as the Bitcoin community is constantly expanding and the mainstream population is also beginning to see the benefits of using the cryptocurrency to pay with, as well as sending funds with. But despite the massive increase in mainstream transactions and companies accepting Bitcoins completely legal and regulated,… Read more »

LOT Airlines and Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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It’s exciting times for the Bitcoin payment industry these days, as we are seeing a vast amount of online companies, big and small, starting to accept the cryptocurrency as a mean of paying for their goods and services. Poland’s state-owned air carrier LOT Airlines announced earlier this week that they will not start to accept… Read more »

Coingaming To Launch Sportsbetting Platform

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The Bitcoin gaming industry is moving forward at full speed these days, with more and more operators opening up their doors and attracting new clientel to the thrilling world. The traffic and revenues increases year-by-year and all the larger sites has experienced an increase in revenues. One of the current obstacles in the Bitcoin gaming… Read more »

Partnership for Bitcoin Payments by Snapcard and Alpha Payments Cloud

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The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with an estimated 7 million either trading or using Bitcoins on a regular basis. A lot of the mainstream adaption comes from services and businesses accepting Bitcoins, but we still haven’t seen a small percentage of the world’s businesses integrate it yet. With more companies… Read more »

Bryan Micon Cuts Deal and Pleads Guilty In SealsWithClubs Case

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The Bitcoin has attracted many creative geniuses, whom have created various businesses based upon the Bitcoin as a payment method or by using its technology. One of those people is Bryan Micon, who was the face of the now shut down SealsWithClubs and the owner of SWCPoker. Micon helped the Bitcoin poker industry get to… Read more »

Coinzone Launches Bitcoin Merchant Services In Poland

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The road to mainstream adaption of the Bitcoin seems closer than ever, with Bitcoins becoming increasingly popular around the world to own, accept and use. In the US and India, the cryptocurrency is being used a lot as a payment method in start-ups and in Europe there’s many places accepting it to save money in… Read more »

You Can Now Margin Trade Bitcoins At Kraken

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The Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of mainstream ground in the past years time, with many big companies embracing the cryptocurrency, as well as Bitcoin ATM’s popping up all over the world in large numbers. The Bitcoin has always been a commodity that you would have to buy or mine to obtain, which has… Read more »

Switzerland Might Open The World’s First Bitcoin Bank

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While the Bitcoin is continuing its quest for mainstream adaption, there is still some major issues for most companies using it – It is very difficult to find banks to work with, even if the Bitcoin is fully legal and regulated. This has led to some companies having to close shop as they didn’t have… Read more »