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Option Centre Review

Let me guess; you read that headline and one thing comes to mind:

But how much will I win?

I’m joking.

In all seriousness, though, I wouldn’t recommend signing up here.

When I first signed up for their platform my browser gave me one of those warnings. It told me that the guys on the other side might try to siphon my private details through my computer, and that I was better off hitting the back button.

So I did.

And an interesting thing happened – an account was still created for me.

That’s hardly good news, though, which was further confirmed after I spent some time browsing their site. (I’ll tell you about that in a second.)

So I recommend reading our Beast Option or BTClevels review instead.

Or you can read on to learn more about Option Centre. Your choice.

Anyway, Option Centre is a binary option site that focuses on forex fluctuations. They’re registered in Cyprus and claim to be owned/run by individuals with ‘many years of experience in risk management, derivatives, forex trading, exotic options pricing, payment processing and international laws and legislations.’

Unfortunately, that ‘experience’ isn’t apparent in their platform.

Option Centre’s Betting Platform

One thing comes to mind when you check out their site – underwhelming.

Unlike Beast Option or TradeRush, they don’t have much in the way of betting options, nor do they offer extras like tutorials, live webinars, FAQS or guides.

Their options are limited, too. Here’s what you can trade/bet on:


At least the process to making a trade is simple:

  • Choose the asset you want to invest in.
  • Choose if you want to call (up) or put (down).
  • Then enter how much you want to invest. Choose between $1-$500.

The difference between Option Centre and, say, BTClevels, is that the amount you’re trying to fall below or exceed is whatever the value is when you buy it. BTClevels uses a fixed amount regardless of when you make your trade.

In other words – if you call when bitcoin is valued at $375, the value needs to exceed $375 when the asset expires (according to their live Reuters feed). Get it right and you’ll turn a profit.

Get it wrong, and you lose your investment.

If nothing changes, you get your investment back.

And in the backend of your account you can create reports to look over your past and current bets. This is probably the most helpful part of their site because, with enough investments, you can create your own database. Then you could use this information to make more educated trades in the future.

According to them you can make up to 75% profits.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper

Alan has been working in the gambling industry for over a decade and is a prolific writer on blockchain gambling. He uses his expert knowledge of cryptocurrencies, sports betting, and online casinos to bring you the highest quality crypto gambling guides out there. Alan Draper is a highly experienced and knowledgeable gaming expert, who has been involved in the gambling industry for over a decade. He has developed an extremely detailed comprehension of bitcoin gambling through his work as the Chief Editor of Business2Community.com, StockApps.com & InsideBitcoins.com. Alan's expertise extends beyond merely understanding the technical aspects of blockchain gambling, as he is also capable of making gambling strategies easily digestible and writing up honest brand reviews.

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