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Roadbet Sportsbook Review

A decent choice for bitcoin punters, Roadbet is more or less your standard sportsbook.

By that I mean they’re not bitcoin-exclusive like many of the other books we review. Roadbet also accepts credit cards, Skrill and even PayPal.

They have a free bet promotion too – not something you’ll find at many bitcoin sportsbooks.

This is a good thing for players.

But it’s not such a good thing for Roadbet – in my opinion – because they’re not positioned as a bitcoin-only sportsbook.

They’re just like any other book – Bovada, Pinnacle, 5Dimes, etc.

So I decided to review them as such – and answer the question – is it an even playing field?

You’ll have to read the review for more details. But by the end you’ll have a clear idea of whether you should join Roadbet or not.


Name: Roadbet


Established year: 2012

Languages: English

Wagering limits: Varied

Cashout times: Fast

Other crypto currencies accepted: Litecoin



Fast Player Payouts
Mobile Betting Available
Many In-Play Betting Options
No Casino Games
Boring Website Design
Limited Number of Promotions

What Markets Can You Bet On?

You’ll find the standard options here:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • Ice Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Snooker/Pool
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • Motor Racing
  • Golf
  • Badminton

Nothing fancy.

On one hand they have a larger selection than some of the bitcoin sportsbooks I’ve reviewed recently – and BetOWI.

But Roadbet’s selection pales in comparison to the publicly traded, heavyweight sportsbooks.

One area they do standout, though, is their live betting section. They advertise 500+ live in-play matches every week. And they have a calendar with all their future matches so you can keep tabs on what’s coming up next.

You can make bets in either USD or Euros, and the min. threshold is .10 – this is the cheapest I’ve seen. Most sportsbooks are $1.

And out of the handful of books I’ve reviewed lately, Roadbet is the simplest to make bets on. Their navigation mimics the popular books and they have that betting slip I like so much – the one that sits on the right hand of your screen and tells you how much you can win relative to your wager.

So simple. Why can’t other books do that? Those books might not have a ‘D’ grade if they did.

Anyway…moving on…

Free Bets
Must Stake $25

Make 5 Bets and Get FREE Money

Right now Roadbet is offering a $25 free bet.

To get the free bet you have to place 5 bets first with odds of 2+. Then they’ll match your bets up to $25.

This seems unfair at first glance – you have to make 5 bets before they’ll give you $25? And at 2+ when other books let you bet on 1.80+?


But… to be fair it doesn’t sound like you have to rollover your free money to cash out your winnings. And you were going to place bets anyway, right?

Your Banking Options

You can use bitcoin to fund your account.

But you can use other methods, too, including WebMoney, OkPay, Skrill, PayPal and Ukash.

I like seeing they accept PayPal. PayPal has standards – they won’t just work with anyone.

Our Likes & Dislikes

Here are some of the things we like and don’t like about Roadbet.


  • They offer a $25 free bet.
  • You can bet on more than 500 live games.
  • Their .10 min bet is tiny.
  • Their site is mobile-friendly.
  • They have lots of support options – Skype, email, phone and live chat.


  • It doesn’t look like they accept Americans (PayPal is usually a dead-giveaway, as is their hours of operation).
  • They say they have the best prices. Everyone says that, and they usually don’t.




The Bottom Line

So… there are two trains of thought.

One, how do they fare against a bitcoin sportsbook?

Two, how do they fare against a standard, fiat sportsbook?

Let’s start with the latter.

Against a heavyweight like 888 Sport, Roadbet doesn’t stand a chance. It’s not an even playing field. They pale in comparison in nearly every way including the number of markets, promotions and ‘wow’ factor.

They’re average in comparison – so I give them a C

But against a bitcoin sportsbook they do much better. And for the exact opposite reasons. They have more markets and a deposit bonus.

Most bitcoin platforms can’t say that.

In that case I’d give Roadbet a B. They still have room for improvement, but are definitely worth keeping around as an alternative or backup.

The real question is if you should check them out. And the answer boils down to how you’re going to make your deposit.

Fiat currencies – no. Bitcoin – yes.


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